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5 reasons consistent digital marketing is important

30th Oct 2020
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Often at times it can feel almost impossible to keep on top of your business’ digital marketing needs. With the rate at which things are changing at the moment, it can feel as if keeping your marketing consistent is the last thing on your mind. However, the importance of this as a sales tool and informative vessel simply cannot be set aside.

So, what do we mean by consistent digital marketing?

Consistent marketing not only refers to the visual look of your business, but it also refers to how frequently your business is being seen and heard. With current social media and search engine algorithms, the risk of leaving your business accounts dormant can be high. A lack of posting or content updates will see your business go to the bottom of the pile, and other competitors sitting above you and being found more freely.

And on that note, let’s get into the 5 key reasons that digital marketing is so important…

1. It keeps you on the right side of social media algorithms

It is no secret that social media and search engines rankings are based on complex algorithms. After years of adapting to algorithm changes, we can confirm that one thing has remained a constant — the Mighty Algorithm rewards you when you are a regular user.

The main goal of social media platforms (or simply put what makes money), is keeping their users browsing and scrolling for as long as possible. Keeping your digital marketing consistent means not only you spend more time on social media, but your followers potentially increase their time by interacting with your content. All of this puts you on the right side of the algorithm. With this being said, if your channels go dormant for a long time it becomes extremely difficult to climb back up to the good ranks. Like the popular saying goes – “Nobody said it’d be easy, they just promised it will be worth it!”

Digital Marketing Cardiff

Ensuring a Welsh auction house have a social presence that represents them

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Social Media Marketing Cardiff

Ensuring a Welsh auction house have a social presence that represents them

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Digital Marketing Cardiff
Social Media Marketing Cardiff

2. It keeps your customers informed

One of the most important reasons for being consistent with your marketing is to keep your current and potential clients informed of your business. During times of big change, such as during the dreaded ‘p’ word, a clear consistent marketing message can be one of your company’s most important tools for keeping your customers informed. Digital marketing tools like your website, social media accounts and Google business listing will require constant updating to ensure users and visitors will know the most basic things like if your business is currently open, what your current procedures are and how can they still purchase from you. Fall behind on this, and you could potentially miss out on sales and leads due to misinformation or misunderstanding.

Social Media Marketing Cardiff
Digital Marketing Cardiff
Social Media Marketing Cardiff
Digital Marketing Cardiff

3. Digital marketing is superseding current street footfall

With the current footfall of businesses being so sporadic and unpredictable, using your shop front is probably one of the least effective ways to inform your clients. Digital marketing has proven to be the most powerful tool any business can have. Without it, there is little to no way to really get face time with your clientele. In a time when there is so much restriction on businesses and their practices, content marketing via digital channels can be your company’s way to keep making sales and performing at your best.

Not only that, but in a digital-first world online shopping has become even more prevalent, meaning that ecommerce websites have become an extremely powerful tool for businesses to thrive online. The use of digital marketing has the power to increase sales and get a true return on investment from any marketing budgets allocated for online growth.

4. It’s much easier to keep things up to date

Make use of your business listings online and really ensure that when a person searched for your business via search engines such as Google, you can be found. But once you are found, make sure that all of your information is true and up to date. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than checking to see if a business is open, finding it open on your Google listing and then showing up to be disappointed. Not only is this bad customer service, but you have missed out on the opportunity of a potential customer and sale.

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Digital Marketing Cardiff
Digital Marketing Cardiff

5. It keeps your clients engaged with your brand

The days of print marketing feel like a thing of the past. Although we still adore print marketing, it is clear that effective digital marketing can really keep your audiences engaged with your brand for the long term. Employing a professional graphic design agency can help you create eye catching content that stops users from scrolling past your business. Be consistent and you will see higher levels of engagement and users, leading to more enquiries and potential leads.

It goes without saying that this list is not exhaustive. But it does give you a look in to the importance of not only consistent marketing but also eye catching, engaging marketing. Hopefully this gives you some insight to the importance of keeping up with digital, and may even help you to receive more contact enquiries and keep your business going strong.

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