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A Whirlwind of Exciting Developments at Martin Hopkins Design

02nd Oct 2023

It’s been an exciting few months at Martin Hopkins Design, and as we come to the end of summer, we’re thrilled to bring you a range of updates about our brand projects, partnerships, and the delightful people powering our creative engine.

A Warm Welcome to Cherie 👋

If you’ve caught our recent blogs, you’ll know we’ve welcomed the fantastic Cherie into the Martin Hopkins family as our Senior Account Manager. With her vivacious energy and a delightful dash of stories about her dog Bonnie, Cherie has quickly become an integral part of our vibrant team. Her vast experience, coupled with her earnest dedication, promises a future filled with innovative strategies and exhilarating growth. We’re positively buzzing with anticipation!

Secret Projects Unveiled Soon! 🤫

Retail branding is an art, combining visual aesthetics with a deep understanding of customer journeys. And right now, our team is deeply engrossed in an incredibly, electrifying retail branding project in Cardiff. While we’re sworn to secrecy on the details, let’s just say it involves engaging site visits, considerations for signage and wayfinding, and some funky lighting. Hold onto your hats – it promises to be a showstopper once revealed!

Additionally, without giving too much away, we’re working on another similar project with a big player—Tesco. The retail signage element of this project is particularly exciting, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been cooking up.

Jambox – A Dynamic Journey

Our collaboration with Jambox, an exciting consumer brand, has been nothing short of dynamic. To dive deeper into this partnership, keep your eyes peeled for our case study – coming soon! 👀

We’ve Been Working on Something Welsh (and it’s big!) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Secretly in our studio, the team has been diligently crafting a brand for a national emblem for Wales. This isn’t just a project for us—it’s been a journey. From engaging workshops and consumer testing to final brand activation, it’s a community-based initiative that echoes the heartbeats of our Welsh heritage. The philosophy and strategy behind this brand are rooted in community and identity. And while we cherish the time spent on it, we’re even more excited about its imminent unveiling.

Brand Guardianship: Swansea Uni & RSPCA

We’ve been honoured to wear the hat of ‘Brand Guardians’ for Swansea University over the last six months. Brand guardianship is a delicate dance of preserving brand integrity while infusing fresh creativity. From ensuring brand-aligned creativity to offering guidance on brand do’s and don’ts, we’ve embraced this role wholeheartedly.

Speaking of partnerships close to our hearts, we’ve been working with RSPCA, offering brand guardianship and design services. The collaboration has been so fruitful that one of our key contacts said…

“I’m absolutely over the moon with these… Thanks again for all of your work on this project – we are delighted with the results!”

It’s a relationship we value deeply, and the journey continues with more projects on the horizon.

So, as we enter Autumn we reflect, from welcoming new team members like Cherie to diving deep into projects that resonate with community values, the energy at Martin Hopkins is palpable. Every day, we’re reminded that you don’t need to be the biggest agency to harbour the biggest ideas.

Stay tuned as we continue to create, innovate, and inspire.