Best Brand Design Agency in Cardiff

Celebrating 36 yearsof being an award winning design agency

Martin Hopkins have been recognised internationally for our creative design work and as such we have been fortunate enough to win awards for creativity and effectiveness. Being an award winning design studio is no easy feat, but we love the design challenges we face every day in our idea-filled studio in Cardiff. Our aim is to produce creative work that we’re proud of and we are lucky enough to pick up a few design awards along the way.

Design awards & recognition

Best-Brand Design Agency in Cardiff Wales
Best-Brand Design Agency in Cardiff

Best Brand Design Agency Cardiff at the SME UK Enterprise Awards.

Best Brand Design Agency Cardiff at the SME Welsh Enterprise Awards.

Design for Best Annual Report Brochure in the UK for the Price Waterhouse Award for a National Government Agency – awarded in Parliament.

CIB Award of Excellence (Nationally) for Tourism Brochure (Wales).

Award in France (Best Design of Overseas Tourism Brochures) French/ German/ Italian/ Dutch etc – series of 8 foreign language brochures advertising tourism for Wales for Government Authority.

Cardiff Life Awards Finalist 2022 – Martin Hopkin’s Design are lucky enough to be finalists in the 2022 Cardiff Life Awards for our work in 2021-22.

Experienced design studio

Ever since our inception in Cardiff in 1985, we’ve gained years of experience that has allowed us to really perfect our creative design process. First we start with your brand, then we create beautiful marketing designs that speaks volumes for your company and connect with your audience using digital and print platforms. We create and deliver influential marketing strategies, for print and web, that help your business grow.

We design for the future, combing strategy, graphic design and digital experiences to define what your brand stands for.

Award winning design studio
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