We are a creative design agency based in Cardiff specialising in bilingual and foreign language brochure design. Being an award winning bilingual design studio we understand that working in a global marketplace calls for a multi-lingual approach and there are distinct advantages in offering either bilingual or multi-lingual brochure design and bespoke websites.

Bilingual design agency

If companies aren’t marketing in languages other than English, they may not be capitalizing on the global connections on offer. The ability to connect directly with the target audience could translate into greater profitability and other benefits such as successful brand communication all over the world.

Besides presenting an image of having an international audience, which is impressive for any business, reaching a wider audience will help you be more versatile in the marketplace. Targeting information to a given audience will lend it better impact and will address clients’ information needs more adequately. This is especially true if you have an e-commerce store, the more consumers you can reach, the more products you can potentially sell.

Foreign language design

There is clear evidence that clients prefer to read marketing material or browse websites in their own or first language and if your competitors are not offering other language options then to do so will give you an edge that should be utilized to the best degree.

Welsh language brochure design

Local Governments in Wales have a strict bilingual policy that specifies the Welsh language as being the ‘first’ language, so having the ability to design and produce copy for some outputs in Welsh only or bilingually, in order to meet the client’s obligation under the Welsh Language Act, is vital. Research has shown that information design presented in the ‘mother tongue’ has greater impact on those whose first language this is.

In recent years the cultural boundaries have expanded to such an extent that there is a need for multi-lingual methods to be adopted by any business wishing to succeed in their chosen marketplace.

Languages can speak volumes

The British council ranked the importance of languages based on a number of factors, including number of speakers, number of internet users, British exports and countries that speak those languages. With the information gathered, the highest scoring languages appeared to be Spanish, Arabic and French as opposed to previous surveys that indicated German, French and Dutch were the leaders.

Showing potential customers that you are aware of their language requirements will go a long way to inspiring confidence in your business and customers will appreciate you taking the time to make sure they fully understand what you offer, especially if it is relevant to them.

Turnkey design and translation services

Martin Hopkins Design can offer bespoke translation services for multiple languages, for design projects of all types. We have experience in producing tourism brochures in multiple languages and can offer competitive rates and fast turnaround. Being able to communicate to your customers in multi languages or their first language gives a far more personalised touch, better targeting your products and services to an audience who are likely to be more receptive to a well designed brochure or website presented in their first language.

If you are thinking of expanding your business language options, get in touch today.

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