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Our New Website Design

We have been working on our website to make sure your user experience is spot on.

Responsive website design martin hopkins cardiff


Our New Website

We’ve made improvements to our website to ensure you get a smarter experience on any of your devices.

When visiting a website, it needs to be able to respond to your device and screen size, giving you the best online experience possible. We have made our best efforts into ensuring this is correct for our new website design.


Responsive website design mobile friendly


What changes have we made?

  • Improved mobile and tablet friendliness (responsive framework) – to ensure you can always navigate our site on the move
  • Revived homepage design with a clean and image based look allowing you to see the quality and finish of our work straight off the bat
  • Simpler navigation and content – making the experience as you go through the site much easier and user intuitive
  • Clearer – simple and easy to understand information to allow you to see exactly what we offer and what our mission is
  • Project planner – allowing you to give us all the information for your project whenever you need, meaning we can make informed decisions when responding to your requests


What does responsive design mean?

In todays modern society, there are much more mobile devices around, meaning that website design needs to adjust accordingly. When visiting a website, it is important having content that responds and changes according to the screen size, to allow users to navigate it just as easily as on a desktop device. All the same content but customised especially for each device size.

We believe that the overall look and feel of the site is improved so that you will always have a good overall experience with us. Let us know what you think!



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