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Web Hosting - What you need to know

When it comes to the world wide web, there is so much to consider it can become rather overwhelming. This article focuses on web hosting – what is it and what makes it so important?

What to look for - web hosting

So, you’ve built a stunning content rich website and now you need to know how to go about hosting it. When you build a website with Martin Hopkins, we offer one of the best hosting services possible through Rackspace to ensure everything goes smoothly with your website. But what do you need to look for? And what even is web hosting?


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Web hosting

A storage space and access for websites. In simple terms, a web host is where you store your website online and also where you access it from when you go to the url online. This means that there are four things that are important to you when it comes to web hosting:



You need the site to load as quickly as possible, especially with modern day technology as users will not wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. If there are delays in loading your website, then potential clients could leave the site without even seeing it. This could lead to a loss in business, meaning it is vital that your hosting service loads the site quickly.


Website Hosting by Martin Hopkins



This is particularly important if you take personal details through your website (ie. on eCommerce websites). You need a host service that is secure and will keep all of your data safe online. This means encrypting sensitive details like passwords and credit card information. It is also needed to stop any nasty hackers getting into your site and making changes. It is therefore so important to find a hosting service that has high security levels. One thing you may have noticed as well recently is that google has begun flagging website that are not secure. To find out more about this see our other article about SSL Certificates - What are they & why do you need one?



If you web hosting goes down, so will your site. This makes it vital that the web hosting is super reliable and dependable to ensure you never have any issues with your site being down.



If you have a sudden surge in traffic to your website, it could crash. Say you upload a post that goes viral online, then suddenly you go from hundreds of views an hour to thousands. You will need a hosting service has a powerful performance to cope with increased traffic.



Hopefully this blog post has been informative and helped you understand more about web hosting. Should you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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