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Google set to change its homepage design

The google search page is the epitome of a simplistic, easy to use web page design. Recognisable across the world, the google homepage utilises clean white space surrounding its logo and search box. It has been this way since their launch in 1996, and one might say it is perfect the way it is.

Design change

However, Google are making waves by announcing its radical change to a newsfeed style layout that can be personalised with news and events. As with everything that they put out, your personalised homepage will change depending on your interactions with Google and also what is trending in your area or around the world. As spooky as it might feel, Google will know your interests and will pick up on topics you are searching or browsing around. All of this will then be reflected in your feed. Intelligent design and interaction are the epitome of who Google are, and we would expect no less from them this time around.

Will the design change be a positive one?

To take advantage of all of these features, you would assume that you would then need to be logged into your Google account so that they can integrate simple things like your name and interests into the feed. One thing we mentioned in the studio was that it’s possible you may get easily distracted when trying to search, which could prove to be somewhat bothersome for those of us that have a shorter attention span. Google becoming almost like it’s own social media wall/feed is something that feels quite alien, but surely one day we will forget what life was like without it (as we already do with the search engine itself!).

When will the new design be here?

The change has rolled out to US users already, but the rest of us will have to wait and see when the changes will be rolled out across our devices. The new design is radical compared to their current simplistic and minimalistic design. Watch this space, in the coming weeks Google will be undergoing some drastic changes. But how do you feel about it? In the design studio we are quite unsure of how we will feel about it. We are all big fans of simplistic user friendly design, however development and change allows for growth in design so we invite the change and hope users find it helpful.

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