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Is your brand performing for your business?

Show your clients that you care with a well rounded and strategically planned brand design. Consider all aspects of your business and its touch points to consumers - are you sending out the right message?

Brand design - it's so much more than a logo

A company’s brand is far more than just it’s logo form, it feeds into every item that comes out of your business, from your business cards, social media and website to signage, advertising and brochure. It’s the story telling that you portray to each client. Behind every successful brand there’s a compelling story that engages with the customer and keeps them coming back for more.

The right tone of voice for the right brand

A brand’s tone of voice should be distinctive, recognisable and unique. Your brand needs to go through a journey, from naming to the visual and verbal expression of your brand. But more than anything, your brand needs to encompass your persona, your beliefs. If it doesn't do that, then you may consider a rebrand.

Creative brand design

A creative brand design is not just about pretty pictures. It’s about the bigger picture and compelling ideas, accurately executed to help a business grow.

Work with your graphic design company to create a corporate brand identity that highlights the way you do business and the way you wish to be talked about. Be market leading and don’t settle for second best, stay in the lead and let others follow in your wake.

Your business Brand

Our graphic designers are on hand to help your brand meet it’s full potential, rocketing you and your business to the next level, we bring your brand to life across multiple touch points and through a range mixed media.

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Our brand design expertise

If you think your company is in need of a rebrand overhaul or maybe just a sit down discussion on what is right for you then get in touch today on 029 2046 1233 to see how we can help your business grow through branding strategy.

Or email info@martinhopkins.co.uk 

Or, if you prefer digital, we have an online project planner:

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