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Data Cymru's rebrand design

Data Unit Wales came to Martin Hopkins with a design brief for the rebrand of their business. Being data centric, they wanted a brand that both reflected their professional reputation and their dynamic approach.

Rebrand & brand naming

We began with the naming, with our belief being that simplicity is best. During initial research, we discovered that their current brand name was only used on official documentation, which was limited. Shortening their name from 'Local Government Data Unit ~ Wales' to simply 'Data Cymru' gave them a bold statement name that was recognisable and memorable. A new logo and brand strategy for the Cardiff based organisation crafted a rebrand that can be identified bilingually - 'Data Cymru'. This name came with the slogan 'Insight beyond the numbers', to reiterate the fact that Data Cymru are best placed to handle data in Wales and beyond. After all, it's so much more than the numbers; it's the insight that you find beyond the data.

brand design cardiff
rebrand design cardiff

Bold branding design

Data Cymru felt their previous branding was dated and looked so on documents and software. They also felt it did not say a lot about them as an organisation and they has no affinity to the colours as they did not work so well in a digital world. Their new, modern brand identity has been developed to support their increased online presence and reflect the confident, forward facing ethos of their business plan. With a lot of their content being online, Martin Hopkins worked to find a bold and statement colour that would set them apart from their competitors. Designed for a digital environment, it speaks volumes about their new ethos and separates them from others. Data Cymru's new brand goes against the grain in Cardiff and beyond, making them stand out on the market as leading forward thinking organisation.

The new logo mark

Following our design research, we began sketching and forming a simplistic logo mark formed from the 'D' and the 'C' of Data Cymru. Not only this, but knowing that the word 'data' becomes 'ddata' when implemented in Welsh sentences, we wanted a mark to reflect the double d of the word that is so key to their business, to ensure the logo mark had a nod to its Welsh heritage. This lined approach paved way to representing the flow/cycle of data. With contrasting dark and vibrant colours it can be built upon with layers and gives a very modern feel on marketing materials. The D symbol becomes the brand's property, and can be applied in various way throughout branded materials.

brand design cardiff

Lined icons & infographics

Following on from the lined approach of the logo, we crafted some bespoke icons and infographics for Data Cymru to support their branded documents. Highlighted elements appear in the Data Cymru blue, creating interest and making them eye catching. The infographic for their business breaks their process down into four simple steps - measure, collate, analyse and report. Communicating what can be a complex process into these four steps will allow Data Cymru to communicate their brand message more efficiently, both in English and Welsh.

Branded documents

Following the rebrand, our graphic designers made work on the design and layout of their branded documents. To be laid out bilingually in both English and Welsh, these had to be simplistic and easy to read to ensure they related to the simplistic nature of the new brand strategy. We worked closely with Data Cymru to ensure this fell in line with their needs for the new brand launch and strategic plan for the organisation. Their new strategic plan involved 'putting data and intelligence at the heart of public service delivery'.

brand design cardiff
rebrand design cardiff

New brand design, well received

Following the launch of their new brand on the 21st March, Data Cymru have commented on how well received the brand design has been, and how many have commented on the boldness of the new brand colour and messaging.

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