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Advert Illustration Design for Chambers

Chambers Estate Agents asked us to come up with a new approach for their advertising campaign.

Advert design

As a family run, local estate agent, they pride themselves on knowing the area and what is needed to complete a successful sale, purchase or rental. They are perceived as a traditional company, which gives them a solid basis in the business but they are keen to also be seen as a modern, forward thinking company who cares about it’s customers and wants to give back to the community; a company that goes the extra mile for its customers.

Therefore it had to be friendly, even playful, so that is creates a smile in the mind. The idea that ‘It’s the little things that make a big difference’ propagates the question ‘what makes a house a home?’ This invariably means the little things so it becomes something of an ever repeating thought process. Some of the little things that make a home could be a favourite mug, book, chair or pet. However the most important is surely family and loved ones. Obviously Chambers ideas of ‘little things’ is going to link the services they offer, and those little extras needed to help customers with their loving family ‘home’. This evokes an emotional connection and shows Chambers as a company that is warm and understands and cares about their customers and their needs.

illustration design cardiff
illustration design cardiff
illustration design cardiff

Illustration design

We approached this theme in a very stylised illustrational way. Bright flat areas of colour nicely contrast with the corporate deep green colour and make up the core style with texturising only where needed and small amounts of shading to lift areas and add interest. The idea depicts an expecting couple and their shadow falling on a house; with the negative space between them forming the shape of a key. This sort of clever little extra draws the eye and makes it stay longer on the page to explore the illustration, which is a big benefit when it comes to advertising. The idea of a new family makes an emotional connection and promotes Chambers as a company that forms close and trusted relationships with their clients. A precept that is backed up by the blurb ‘From our family to yours’.

illustration design cardiff

Building the brand

The client loves the new style and has been very enthusiastic to see the other adverts in the range and how the concept will evolve. So watch this space!

"From initial consultation to end result, I felt that Martin Hopkins had our best interests in mind and I was particularly impressed with the advertising campaign produced. I will be using their services again and would recommend them to anyone looking for ideas outside the box."

- Bradley David, Chambers Estate Agents

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