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Martin Hopkins calendar

Christmas is coming! Every year Martin Hopkins strives to produce something completely unique and bespoke for their seasonal promotional piece. 

© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - Calendar Flat Vector Illustrations Happy New Year



Around the Christmas period we like to send out a little something to our clients as a ‘thank you’ for all of their continued business and for trusting us to handle all of their design needs. Last year we chose to do similar promo piece with a calendar in our usual Martin Hopkins squares. With it being completely image based, this year we have chosen to switch to a completely new style of design – flat vector illustrations.

Our new Junior Designer Sarah Johnson has a passion for the flat vector illustration style and took the project on with enthusiasm. After doing some research the Martin Hopkins team (James, Kath and Sarah) got together and came up with a colour scheme and a theme for each month. Once this was all finalized Sarah got to work on the drawing and vectorising of the flat design infographics in Illustrator and Kath started laying out each month in InDesign.

Playful in their nature, our flat design infographics illustrate either seasonal topics or highlight specific dates in the calendar. Each month we take a journey with our clients through the joyful highlights that each month has to offer.

The calendar begins with December 2015 to ensure that our clients can get geared up for Christmas 2015 and enjoy the calendar before the new year begins. We illustrated warm cups of hot chocolate, snowflakes, holly and of course presents and Santa hats.


© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - January februrary March April Illustrations Flat Vector




January 2016 celebrates the new year with party hats, balloons, fireworks, confetti and streamers.

February highlights Valentines Day with love letters, love messages and the keys to a person’s heart

March commemorates the traditional welsh St David’s Day with the conventional brightly coloured daffodils

April playfully illustrates the Easter holidays with depictions of the Easter bunny with his carrots, baskets of Easter eggs and hatching chick eggs.


© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - May June July August Illustrations Flat Vector




May focuses on the typical gardening season with wellington boots, garden gloves, flower beds, garden gates and forks and spades.

June focuses on the yearly Wimbledon competitions and the Ascot with tennis rackets, tennis balls, glasses of champagne and strawberries.

July illustrates the commencing of the summer with watermelon slices, ice lollies and barbeques

August continues this summer theme with boats, anchors, life rings and more ice lollies and ice creams complemented by a vibrant, warm orange that reflects the heat of the summer sun.


© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - September october November December Illustrations Flat Vector




September brings us back down to earth with the commencing of the school year. Clipboards, notebooks, pencils, globes, books and rulers are all a part of the preparation for school kids and their parents before they can go back to school.

October hauntingly celebrates Halloween and all of it’s typical connotations. There’s pumpkins, coffins, cauldrons and bones alongside the playful lettering that spells ‘BOO!’.

The illustrations for November recollect November the 5th (otherwise known as Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Day). Fireworks, sparklers and Catherine wheels all remind us of the night that our skies are filled to the brim with bright lights and explosions of sound and colour.

December gears us up for the Christmas season yet again, another year passed, with bright stars, Christmas trees, baubles and candy canes. 



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