Great brands make for great businesses, we create the brand identity to deliver those responses using logos, colours, typography, language, photography, and everything else to make a brand that gets people passionate about you and your business.

Brand design

To resonate with its audience, a brand needs to speak with a voice that’s authentic, unique and memorable at every point of contact. A truly compelling brand extends it’s voice beyond its logo mark to encompass every aspect of its expression. If you are building a brand from scratch, we’d like to partner with you to bring it to life; if your brand is feeling the effects of age, we can revitalise it. We understand that the art of communication is a vital one, so whether your goal is to inspire your employees or influence your customers, we will develop an effective core messaging strategy and the tools to implement it.

Consider your brand audience

The audience is key. Your brand identity will be your face to potential clients: make sure it speaks to the clients you want to have.

Define your brand personality

Perhaps a tag line should be included in your logo. More than likely certain colours will be better at portraying your image than others. The core concept of a brand identity is to project the personality of your work or ethos to your audience and customer base.

Design your brand logo

The next vital piece of your brand identity puzzle is the logo, a simple representation of your brand through the use of a logo mark. When your logo is seen by your customer base, it should convey an emotional response to your brand identity. A simple but unique logo will translate more quickly in the mind of your clients than a complex over detailed design would – think Audi, Apple or Nike. Most of the world’s big brands have very simple logos that are easy to remember and associate with the company.

Analytics can help determine the voice of a brand but they won’t make it sing, and our strength is our keen intuition and sensitivity to design, as well as its implementation. Big ideas are worthless without the details that make people stop and take notice, and our healthy obsession with the finer points of typography, form, and materials can make your message heard.

Choose brand colours wisely

Colour is an item that must be considered for both your overall brand identity and your logo. Stick with 2-3 brand colours at the most, unless you want to get specific and choose colours for, say, the highlighted links of your website design or certain parts of the business that could be sub-branded by colour alone.

Brand typefaces

To maintain consistency throughout your brand identity, choose or create two or three fonts to use consistently with your brand. Fonts have a personality all their own so choosing the right ones to go with your brand is a critical move. Legibility of the typeface and the keeping it true to the brand ethos should outway any desires for being over playful. You want a font that is easy to read and understand.

Brand values

What do you say and how do you say it? The visual impact of your brand identity is layered one element on top of another: an audience, your personality, a logo and design elements, your marketing collateral and your brand values. There’s more to the brand than its logo. The brand values are a set of characteristics that we would be happy to be known for. If the foundations of your brand are strong then the rest of your brand identity decisions will be far clearer. Remain consistent with your brand message and keep relevant to your audience and customer base.

Summing up

We understand that every organisation faces unique challenges, so we tailor our approach to meet your individual needs. Whether we’re defining the strategy for a start-up company, evolving an existing identity, or launching a worldwide brand, we love a challenge and enjoy our work. It allows us, in partnership with you, to reshape people’s experience of the world and make it an even richer, more meaningful and inspiring place to be. By digging deep to cultivate a keen understanding of who your customers are and what they value, we’re able to help you reach them in a memorable, compelling way.

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