A lot of confusion can come from the concept of brand design and logo design being two separate entities. We find quite often that clients are unsure if they have a brand or a logo. And ask ‘why do I need a brand?’. We have put this piece together to try and explain some of the differences and some of the many benefits of a well thought out brand strategy over a stand-alone logo.

What is a logo?

A logo is your icon or mark. It generally consists of a symbol, text or sometimes mix of the two. You may have noticed some brands will drop text from their logo in favour of a simpler form, once they are very well known in the market. For example, Nike uses a simplistic symbol as it’s logo. This is powerful in itself – the fact that anyone can recognise your company without anything but a symbol. This could be the ultimate definition of graphic communication. The brand, however is what makes Nike, Nike. You can’t look at the Nike tick without hearing ‘Just do it’ and envisioning all of their strongly branded sportswear. Without all of the other elements that make

What is a brand?

Your brand is the epitome of who you are; your beliefs, your way of working and your ethos. It is so much more than just a logo mark; it tells your story. A brand is everything; your whole package. It includes every pre-meditated element to your business, usually executed through marketing and design strategies or plans. It encompasses not only your visual communication, but even more widespread than that. For example, the lighting in your business space or the interior design in your shop. Everything in your brand will reiterate your message and give the consumers a specific feeling. When you walk into a shop, think of the whole experience; smells, uniforms, designs, lighting, photography and interior designs. Is the shop welcoming? What feeling do you get walking in? It’s all part of a brand the company will be executing. Not only that, but a brand needs to be adjusted for a global company due to the changes in culture. Something that invokes happiness in one country may just invoke anger in another. Your brand needs to be coherent across the world.

Your visual voice

A brand is a clear message that often evokes emotional response from your audience. Lloyds bank’s branding utilises concepts of strength, stability and the thought that they will always be by your side. They inform you that they are a trustworthy bank that will always have your back and will be stability in uncertain times. It’s not just what you’re saying, but how you are saying it. Font choices and colour choices are vital here. Do you want to be strong and trustworthy? You can’t go wrong with a solid, thick typeface. Do you want to be playful and inviting? Vibrant colour schemes can aid you there. The complexity of branding doesn’t stop there; think values and slogans, playful or serious language, tone of voice in copy content, imagery, advertising campaigns and more.

As you can imagine, there are so many facets to a brand that it becomes a rather large task. That’s where graphic designers and creative thinkers like us come in; we do all the hard work for you. Martin Hopkins strive to create a strong, coherent branding strategy that can be rolled out across multiple platforms and marketing material.

What is a rebrand?

As timeless as some logo marks can be, some logos and brand messages begin to age and will need an update. A logo mark can need either a refresh (a few small tweaks) or a complete redo to update the look and bring it up to speed with the current trends. It’s worth reconsidering your brand and rolling it out again into a new market or under a new ethos. For example, if your businesses core values or aims have completely changes over the years, your brand could be telling the wrong story about the company and what you do. Or your logo could be too old fashioned in a more modern market. Looking outdated in a modern market can detrimental to your business and leave your company falling behind it’s competitors. It is vital to keep an eye on branding strategies and ensure they are on target as time goes on, quite simply because times change and with that target audiences can often change too. So, as your business grows inevitably your brand will too, so it is important to keep it relevant. Always ask yourself if your company’s brand can be developed, and whether it is time to change or tweak it to add value to it’s presence.

So why do I need a brand?

Branding is vital in the business world. A well planned and executed brand strategy will tell your business’ story for years to come. It will inform people of your ethos and how you work, what you do and why you do it best. As much as we appreciate the beautiful simplistic form of a logo mark, it can often be nothing without it’s branding there to sing your core values.

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