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Branding StackTiger: A Female-Founded Software Engineering Startup

10th Nov 2021

We love supporting local Welsh startups!

A little while ago, we had the privilege to brand this female founded and led software startup. StackTiger specialises in the development, shipping and scaling of high performing products delivered with peak efficiency. As part of a brand new identity, we created a logo, branding assets and social media graphics.

Here is how our branding process went!

We began work creating a fresh and unique brand identity. Our initial designs experimented with gradients, neon colours and playful illustrations for this web focussed brand. In a male-dominated field, we wanted to ensure the brand remained genderless and adopted universal colour palettes. We focussed on creating a brand to stand out in the ever-changing world of tech.

Image showing multiple options of the StackTiger logo including gradients and neon colours.
Branding: Multiple design options for StackTiger’s logo.

Clever Brand Development

In the final brand development, we implemented a custom logotype and clever visual elements which aim to explain the niche line of work that StackTiger’s specialise in.

Our visuals were inspired by StackTiger’s brand name and subsequently, the field of work they specialise in. In a bespoke line of work, it’s important that a brand identity reflects this clearly. For the full stack developers at StackTiger, this was achieved through a ready chosen brand name and design elements. Their vision to ‘Build the future’ is visualised through stacked neon blocks, which also act as a visual cue for the development process.

Visualising StackTiger’s vision to ‘Build the future’ with neon blocks.

Brand Elements

Symbols such as the angle brackets, most common in HTML and CSS, heavily inspired our custom logo design for this branding project. Whilst this may not be clear to everyone outside the profession, those familiar with app or web development will instantly be able to recognise these visual cues. See a nifty little example of what we mean below!

Two examples of the branding shown on lanyards

Good Branding

As part of producing the final proposal, we felt it was important to showcase the brand in both a real world and digital environment. Visualising a brand in this way means the client could have a clear understanding of our direction and the future of their brand.

We loved creating such a bright, fun brand and are excited to see what the future holds for this Welsh start-up!

Written by Georgie Bedford
Graphic Designer

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