There’s no escaping it, your online presence is vital in the new digital age. There are thousands of website designs out there, all with some kind of purpose to inform an audience. But in a modern world, what is your website saying about your business? Find out about some of the reasons people might visit your website, and also common mistakes of what might cause them to leave it just as fast..

Will you take care of their business?

Trust is an essential bond between a consumer and a business. This is why you must always exhibit that your business is trustworthy. An important part of this is keeping your website up to date. If a consumer visits your website only to see that it has content dated 2006, it shows them that you haven’t cared to update the website in years and could decrease the trust they may have had in your company. After all, if you don’t take care of your own business, how do they know you will take care of theirs? A bad reflection on your company is a bad reflection on your services. It is important to remember that digital design is constantly changing and you should always try to stay current. To stay relevant online you need to be constantly updating your offering to show Google that your website content is up-to-date and relevant to your audience. Try to keep all website content up-to-date and regularly post to a news or blog section if you can. This keeps your website current and ensures it doesn’t get left behind on search engines. Not only this, but it will boost your SEO if you keep utilising keywords and phrases that people may type into Google.

Another part to this is responsive design – is your website readable on a mobile device? Website designs are now made to become fluid to multiple devices such as iPads or phones so that when users are searching on their mobile phone, they will be able to use your website. If they cannot read it due to it not having a responsive web design, then they will leave the site frustrated. Make sure your website works well on different devices – it could increase your conversion rates and get you more business.

Do you offer a good customer service?

The same can be said for the design of your website; keep it current. Digital devices are changing so fast; you must ensure that a consumer’s experience with your website design is a good one. User experiences must be designed to allow free flow of navigation through your website. For example, say someone visits your website on their mobile phone hoping to use your services but find it does not respond to that screen size. They will find a desktop website almost unusable on a mobile device and if your website doesn’t scale and respond to their devices screen size, they will find it impossible to read about your services and instantly have a bad impression of your business. If their experience with your website is anything to go by, they will have a bad experience using your services. Online marketing is usually a customer’s first point of contact with your business; make it a great one. Website designs should consider the end user and be made to give them the best experience possible. This includes buttons that are easy to press with a finger or thumb, clear and easy to see call to actions to lead them to the relevant content they need to find.

Do you offer a high quality product?

The way you display your products or services is just as important as the product itself. For example, poor product imagery can make your products look of lower quality and can put doubts or concerns in a customer’s mind. In a similar way, you should have a company photo shoot commissioned rather than over-using stock imagery. This will give potential clients a clear idea of your services, what to expect and also show what happens ‘behind the scenes’. Too much stock imagery will inform clients that your services could potentially not be good enough to photograph or that possibly the website is deceiving.

What do you offer?

It may sound obvious, but some websites fail to actually explain the crux of what they do. This is definitely missing a trick. Adding product or service details on a website would benefit you greatly; it allows people to delve into what you do to see if it is suitable for them. It is a matter of if you don’t say it, how will they know? You may offer extra services that you haven’t included on your site; how will your consumers know? A lot of people won’t bother taking the time to ring and ask if they assume that you don’t offer the service as it isn’t online. In the same way, if they are searching for the service in Google, your website will not come up in the search results, meaning you will lose out on business to competitors.

Are you local?

You may think it goes without saying but it is important that potential clients are aware of what areas you cover and if you are relevant to them. Not including this on your website or in your websites meta data could increase your websites bounce rate (people leaving the site) due to the fact that the information becomes irrelevant to them if you don’t cover their area. Make sure it is clear from the offset where you are and what distance/area you cover.

Will you take care of me?

Often when people are navigating websites online, they are looking for companies that will be helpful and take care of them as a client. Part of this is the tone of voice you use on your website design and how you go about providing relevant support and information.

Website design services

It’s always worth considering all of the points above when designing or marketing a website. Have a look at your website and try asking yourself all of the questions as if you are a potential customer. Does it work for you and what does it say about your business? Website reviews are definitely worth the time and effort as you will get a return on investment through increased interest.

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