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Cardiff Life Awards – We’re Finalists!

18th Feb 2022


The good news siren only goes off when we have very good news, and we have some terrific, jump-out-of-you-seat and start dancing to Britney news for you.

Are you ready?

We’re finalists in the Cardiff Life Awards!

That’s right, we’ve been shortlisted to win a Cardiff Life Award in the Creative category!

With over 300 applicants, we were keeping our fingers crossed when they announcing who had made it to the final, knowing that we were up against some serious competition. The names kept coming, we kept hoping, and just when it seemed like all hope was lost, there it was ‘Martin Hopkins’! We made it to the final! We couldn’t have been more excited and immediately started celebrating (over Zoom!).

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway, because we’re too excited not to!) that all of this wouldn’t be possible without our incredible team and equally fantastic clients. We’re also incredibly proud that two of the brands we’ve worked on have also been shortlisted for the Cardiff Life Award, huge congratulations to Coffi Lab and Tabitha Eve!

We Care About What We Create

And we do, at the core of every decision, every amendment or adjustment, it’s all led by us caring about what we’re creating. It’s what’s been our driving motto, way back in 1986 and it’s taken us all the way to today. We love exceeding our clients’ expectations, keeping in close contact with them, to ensure that we match their needs exactly. We’re incredibly proud (and we would be shouting this from the rooftops if we weren’t in the middle of a storm!) of how much time and effort we put into each piece of work. Whether it’s a new project, which is fun and exciting, filled with yet-to-be-created possibilities or a long-standing client, we’ll get the work done quickly without sacrificing the quality that Martin Hopkins is known for!

A New Way of Working

We’re incredibly proud of how we’ve adapted to a new way of working in the last two years, which has also led us to take stock of ways we can improve our team’s mental wellbeing, including changing our work hours to give everyone Friday afternoons off, giving them a better work/life balance whilst WFH.

The Clients that got us to the Final!

One of the clients that helped get us to this incredible stage is Melo Cymru, one we’re currently adding more to behind the scenes (keep your eyes peeled 👀 ). Mental health is immensely important to us as a company, so we all became invested in this project and we’re over the moon with the outcome, a brand and website that we created from scratch (we even named it!) that has had over 29,000 users since launch and has helped countless people navigate their mental wellbeing successfully throughout the pandemic.

One of our newer projects, but one that we’re equally proud of nonetheless, is Post-Covid Recovery. Long Covid is affecting people’s day-to-day lives, impacting on their health and wellbeing. Working with Public Health Wales, we created an emotive and supportive brand that will make all the information for recovery easier to digest and access. This work has been recognised for its potential to be used across health boards in Wales, to benefit the local communities in recovery.

Counting Down to the Awards

The countdown is officially on, all we can do now is wait until 31st March for the awards ceremony when we’ll find out if we win the Cardiff Life Award! Regardless of the outcome (but still keep your fingers crossed for us please!), we feel incredibly proud and honoured to have made it to the final. We’ve achieved so much this year and produced design work for important topical areas, including public health and mental wellbeing. And we feel so lucky to be able to work on projects that we’re truly passionate about that also allow our team to flourish creatively.

Keep your eyes peeled for an awards update, coming at the end of March!