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Cheers to Another Year of Creative Madness!

09th Dec 2021

Tireless Creativity

2021 was challenging and we would not have been able to pull through without the creative work for our lovely clients. To say thanks, we decided to create something very special. As you may have seen from our recently updated slogan (we finally realised what our *core* strength is) – We care about what we create. We pride ourselves on our bespoke designs and our passion for providing the best service for each individual client. We are never satisfied until we are exceeding our clients’ expectations.

So, this year to celebrate the festive season, we wanted to mark the occasion with something really special. One of our amazing graphic designers, Stiliyana, is an exceptionally talented lino-printer and we put her skills to work! Whilst the rest of us cracked on with the packaging designs, messaging, and various administrative bits. The outcome is a beautiful lino print that represents our lovely family-run agency and we cannot wait for our clients to receive a bit of happy post this December.

Print Concept

In 2021 we made the conscious effort to move towards a more authentic tone of voice for our design agency. We want to show our clients that they are collaborating with real, compassionate people and not just a robot behind each email. The concept for this print represents our little dream team – the five of us coming together and collectively thanking our clients for the opportunities and the excitement they brought to us in 2021. Each arm represents a member of our team with their favourite tipple in hand (how we plan to spend our annual Christmas party – who can blame us!).

The Creative Process–


After finalising the illustration design and making sure everyone was happy with their drinks, sleeve styles and jewellery it was time for carving! For this Stili was using a special set of tools designed for carving linoleum or wood for this one-of-a-kind project!

The tools need to be sharpened every 30 minutes or so to ensure they carve smoothly and do not slip and cause accidents. Speaking from experience, poking yourself with one of those hurts! According to millions of people on the internet, progress videos are extremely relaxing (less so if you’re the one doing it!), so we’ve put together a carving compilation for you to enjoy and to learn how it was done!


One of the most beautiful things in printmaking is the fact that each and every print is unique. The final result varies due to several factors. Such as, the amount of ink used on the roller for that particular print, the amount of pressure when pressing the paper on the block, rogue ink spots or noise that’s left from the previous print, etc. The blocks usually have a mind of their own and every print pull is different. The art of printmaking also comes with letting go of perfection – unlike digital design, physical art and crafts are prone to a lot of errors, which then become part of the outcome.

To add a little more complexity to the equation, we decided to use a 150gsm cotton rag paper, which according to Stili is quite tricky to print on!

The paper’s texture is quite rough and sturdy which gives the print a beautiful hand-made but luxe feel. Nothing but the best for our clients, as always!

And here is how the actual printing works

Final Touches

To make these even more *special*, we decided to up the festivity of the piece and add some gold leaf to resemble confetti.

The last and perhaps most satisfying part of this creative process is a close inspection of each and every print and deciding if it is “the best of the bunch”. The best ones are then stacked and numbered – this time Stili managed to pull 42 Grade A prints that will then be signed and lovingly packaged to send to our clients. The ones that did not make the cut will be proudly hung on our own walls inside the studio and our homes!

Needless to say, we are all in love with the final outcome – it was a little hard to part with them all in fact!

The Good, The Bad, The Bloopers!

Like any creative process in this world – whether it is graphic design, sewing or even cooking – it did not go without it’s fair share of problems and frustrations.

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into something a little different to what we normally do. The process of creating any design takes research, time and determination – something our team have proven to have an abundance of over the years.

And whilst we are here, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an even better New Year. May your hearts and bellies be full (mulled wine, mince pies, roast dinners – we can’t wait)!

We’re going to be out of the studio over the Christmas period to give our team some well-deserved chill time, find our opening hours over this time here.