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The 2021 Gift Guide for the Creatives in Your Life

03rd Dec 2021

It’s December, which means that as well as enjoying frosty early morning walks, cheesy Christmas films and spotting all the festive lights, it also means the big, dreaded, scary time has come… Christmas Shopping! An even scarier phrase than that? Buying Christmas presents for graphic designers! Are you wondering what to buy your graphic designer friend for Christmas? Scroll down to see some of our suggestions!

Support Independent Businesses this Christmas

The time is upon us to show our most treasured loved ones how much we love them by taking the time to find them the perfect gift this Christmas.

After sharing several links in our group chats, giving each other inspiration for Christmas presents for designers like us, we decided to collect all the independent and small businesses we love and share them with you.

Shopping small is so important, especially to us, a long-standing, family run agency, we know just how paramount it is to ensure we keep supporting our fellow independent businesses.

Below you’ll find a list of our favourite small businesses this design team are shopping with this Christmas. Whether you have a friend that seems almost too cool for Christmas presents, or one that seems to have everything, we’ve got you covered.

Our Top Picks this Christmas

For the one who has everything….
Embroidered Face Mask from Jenny King Embroidery

Embroidered Face Mask – Jenny King Embroidery

We love the high finish and intricate designs offered by Jenny King Embroidery, a design studio that’s been well-established for 15 years.

Shop here.

For the edgy designer…
Archetypes Scarf from Printed Goods

Archetypes Scarf – Printed Goods

We all have that one friend where everything you think about buying them just isn’t quite cool enough (if you don’t have that friend, congratulations! You’re the cool one). We love how Printed Goods draws on classical mythology for their designs.

Shop here.

For the one that likes the finer things…
Enamel Pin from Folio

Independent Businesses Rock Pin – Folio

That friend that notices the little details that others miss, Folio cater to that friend who really appreciates the finer things.

Shop here.

For the sophisticated one…
Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Nc’Nean

Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Nc’Nean

Unlike us gin, tequila and vodka drinkers in the team, the most sophisticated designers will love this illustrated bottle of single malt scotch whiskey from Nc’Nean, an independent, organic whisky distillery who pride themselves on their sustainable production practices.

Shop here.

For the one who obsesses over how their workspace looks…
Cloud Candle from Grafton Yard

Cloud Candle – Grafton Yard

Founded in July 2020, Grafton Yard is the coolest candle company out there for designers and non-designers alike. Ticking all the boxes by being sustainable and eco-friendly, the candles are also in gorgeous packaging that can be used after the candle’s finished. Some might suggest using it as a pen holder, we suggest keeping the lid and using it to hide sweets from your co-workers!

Shop here.

For the book-lover…
Browse UK Bookshop

Accidentally Wes Anderson Book – UK Bookshop

Created for those who love the simplicity of buying on Amazon but want an alternative that supports small businesses. All designers love a good design book about their niche field, whether it’s typography, lino printing or photography and through Bookshop.org you can support independent bookshops and do your shopping whilst at your desk (which isn’t something we would do…ever…)

Shop here.

For the one who loves the 70s…
Slow Goldie

Earrings – Slow Goldie

There’s no denying that the 70s was a pretty unique design moment in history, and no one encapsulates this better than Slow Goldie’s unique collection of handmade earrings.

Shop here.

For the one that always brings their dog into the studio…
Pet Portraits from Darcie Olley

Pet Portrait – Darcie Olley

We are unashamed to admit it; we are a dog-loving studio! If a client or one of the team brings in their furry friend it absolutely makes our day. And what better way to show your complete adoration of their dog your friend by getting them a custom pet portrait!

Shop here.

For the one that loves the details…
Miniature Sculptures from Rosie Hurley

Pet Sculptures – Rosie Hurley

Not only does Rose Hurley (as seen on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 2020) offer gorgeous couples portraits made out of clay, she also does incredible pet sculptures that are so little they can balance on top of a photo frame! The perfect gift for the designer that obsesses over the little details.

Shop here.

For the Feminist…
Female Bust Candle from Flare London

Female Bust Candle – Flare London

Just… Women. As a mostly female agency, we love anything that shows just how glorious women are, and Flare London really gets it right.

Shop here.

For the type nerd…
Type 01 Subscription

Type 1 Subscription

If you have designer friends, chances are at least one of them is a font nerd which makes a subscription to TYPE01 the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Shop here.

For the quirky one…
‘King’ Print from Adam Forster Illustration

King Print – Adam Forster Illustration

For the friend who has an eclectic mix of prints in their flat and has the best wardrobe, Adam Forster’s edgy illustrations will make the perfect addition to their growing gallery wall.

Shop here.

For the minimalist…
Beanbag Print from Byjer

Beanbag Print – Byjer

Minimalist designers are incredibly hard to shop for however Jerry-Lee Bosmans makes that easier with his range of prints, all in his well-known playful style, using vibrant colour palettes, these are crisp pieces that will finish any wall off perfectly.

Shop here.

For the t-shirt lover…
Browse Everpress

T-Shirt – Everpress

That friend who will show up to anything in a tee shirt now has an entire, ever changing range of ones to choose from. Everpress supports creators and uses sustainable materials and practices to create their t-shirts.

Shop here.

Christmas Shopping Stress? We don’t know her.

See? Buying Christmas presents for designers isn’t that hard! Now that we’ve gotten Christmas shopping sorted, it’s time for the important things: mulled wine, warm socks and a festive film.