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Digital marketing strategies to help your business during the coronavirus pandemic

02nd Sep 2020

A lot has changed this year both online and offline, which is also being reflected in current marketing trends. We have gathered some key digital marketing and advertising strategies to help your business through the pandemic. So don’t panic – we’ve got you!

Make your website your new shop front

Our first focus for marketing trends is online performance. Your online presence has always been important, but with the decline of shop footfall throughout the pandemic, ensuring you are as engaging as possible online is now crucial. Focusing on mobile first design can completely change the experience for your customers. Invest time into developing your user journey to ensure your visitors return to your website.

Not only does designing for mobile first benefit your customers, but also helps you climb Google’s search rankings. To further improve your search positioning, consider your site speed and SEO. How quickly does it load when using mobile data? Does your desktop site perform better? What are your site keywords?

Google My Business is also an easy tool to highlight all the key information about your business, including opening hours and contact numbers. Utilising these features is even more important as businesses return to normal. Looking at your site from a consumer’s point of view can help you identify what issues need targeting and subsequently build a better performing website. Try searching your business yourself – what can you improve?

If you’re not sure where to start with your online performance or looking for a helping hand, Martin Hopkins can assist you with everything from user experience design to SEO and search discovery. Get a project quote today.

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Refresh your advertising strategy to align with recent marketing trends

The pandemic has seen a sharp cut to marketing budgets around the world as company priorities shift from profits to the preservation of jobs. As business begins to bounce back, companies are getting creative with their marketing and maximising their engagement in the process. Following the latest digital marketing strategies is certainly a great way to do this.

Social media has been the one of the most effective ways to advertise throughout lockdown and allows you to reach your audience at home or on the go. While many companies have been getting increasingly more creative with their advertising approach – most notably Hellmann’s Canada with their Animal Crossing campaign to help feed those in need – sticking with the basics can be just as effective.

Various updates and new features are constantly being added to social platforms. Giants such as Instagram are leading the way in discoverability with the integration of suggested posts directly into user’s news feeds. Ensuring that you are utilising relevant hashtags and honing in on your audience’s interests will allow for greater discoverability on platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.

By refining your digital marketing strategy to accommodate your social presence, as well as dedicating the time to build your online following and profile, there is little to no limit on your audience reach.

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Engage your customers in new ways

Right now, everyone is looking for positivity, assurance and as little news as possible. This messaging should also translate to how you advertise your products and services. Language and messaging is one of the most important aspects of effective marketing and without consideration, it can do more harm to your brand than good.

Returning to your marketing basics to concentrate on brand trust can help reassure your customers that their concerns are important to you. Tesco and Sainsbury’s have showcased this empathetic approach through their public service style TV advertisements. By highlighting ways they are making their shops safer for their customers, they have retained trust in their services.

By thinking about how you can engage with your customers whilst addressing their concerns will help cement trust in your business. Do you have a shop you are about to reopen? Is your customer base largely elderly or vulnerable? Reflecting on your business from a consumer’s point of view can help you develop and refine your messaging.

Develop your online purchase journey

Online shopping is no longer just limited to websites, so utilising in-app shopping on platforms like Instagram is a great way to accelerate your product sales. For small and medium businesses, this feature can quickly increase social engagement and visibility of your products. Ensuring an efficient user journey for product purchases can turn clicks into sales and, thanks to algorithms, further boost your product on that social platform.

If your business is service based and instead relies on website traffic, it’s also important to refine your user journey. This helps make sure that your customers find what you want them to. Do they have to scroll to find your service or product? Is the call to action clear? By considering mobile first, you can ensure that key links and information is easy to find with little to no scrolling.

Finally, to encourage your consumers to return to your site, make their experience fluid and enjoyable. If they purchased a product, how long did it take for them to purchase? The quicker and simpler the process is, the more likely an individual is to recommend your business and make future purchases.

Understand your consumer’s conscience

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a huge shift in consumer priorities with environmental, health and mental wellbeing issues now key talking points. Ensuring your business priorities align with those of your audience can make your marketing more effective and more genuine. Humanising your brand can also be beneficial when using social media and engaging with your customers. Creating posts that your audience can relate to or address issues they care about will continue to build trust.

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We can help you understand the latest marketing trends

Here at Martin Hopkins, we have been fortunate enough to work with forward thinking, sustainable and customer focused brands. We have launched products and services with beautiful packaging design, branding and marketing. As design and marketing experts we are here to help your brand flourish both online and offline, keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and strategies. Contact us today on 029 2046 1233 or email studio@martinhopkins.co.uk and see what new marketing trends can work for your business.

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