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Facebook Pixel: the secret to understanding your audience

04th Jun 2020

We bet you have heard about (and perhaps ran?) Facebook Ads. As a brand and digital design agency, we love using them to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

They are a great tool if you want to get your brand or product out there plus you have full control over the budget while Facebook works through some mysterious algorithms to maximise your return. Only, those algorithms are not so mysterious anymore – in fact we now have a way to better understand how people respond to your business.

Facebook Pixel!

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So what is a Facebook Pixel? Spoiler: it is not an image

Facebook Pixel is essentially a piece of JavaScript code that will allow Facebook to track who goes on your website, who clicks on your ads and who eventually converts. The main goal for this is to feed a lot of data into Facebook, so the AI backing this system “learns” where, when and to whom to show your ads.

How does it work, you ask? People that visit your website will most likely have a Facebook account which immediately gives Pixel access to their interests, likes and contacts. It then collects this information and defines the type of people that are more likely to engage with your brand and advert. Logically, the longer you have Pixel running, the more data it will collect. This will then inform the advertising algorithm, resulting in a really focused marketing campaign.

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If you don’t have one set up yet, we strongly recommend you do it ASAP.

We are writing this blog post in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown in Cardiff and we are aware many businesses will need to spend their budgets wisely. Your digital presence, understanding your digital audience and running successful social media campaigns have never been more vital.  If you are not sure how, or where, we specialise in digital strategies  – get in touch with our lovely team and we will help.

How do we use Facebook Pixel in digital design and marketing?

Here is the thing with Pixel – it was created in order to help Facebook (and you) spend your advertising money wisely, but you don’t have to run ads in order to take advantage of it!

This type of data is a gold mine for us, as a design and marketing agency – it will allow us to create smart targeted marketing strategies that will resonate with your potential customers. In addition to that, it will help us identify potential issues with your website design and user journey and allow us to make informed decisions on improving it. What is more, we are able to hone any type of digital strategy you may require – from email campaigns to social media posts and advertising – we specialise in all of those things and more.

What you get are data-informed creative solutions that will give your business the boost it needs in these times.

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Stand out with Facebook Pixel- based design and marketing

We know this whole Pixel thing sounds a bit Orwellian or like a Black Mirror episode – and yes, in case you were wondering, we are using it on our website. In this blog post we barely scratched the surface of Facebook Pixel – there are many other benefits it offers such as retargeting and custom audiences – but we do not want to bore you with technical details. What is important is we know them and we love using it – get in touch if you need help with your digital presence.

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