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How to Approach a Rebrand

19th Aug 2022

Rebranding is a total redo of how your business looks, and its positioning in the market. Businesses rebrand once every 7-10 years on average, so it’s something that requires you to take a bit of time out to think through every detail. At Martin Hopkins, we work with you to make this an exciting, not a daunting, time!


So… Why do businesses rebrand?

There are lots of reasons why a business might decide to rebrand, let’s take a look at some of them.

Business Evolution

If you’re a long-standing, successful business, your branding might not have been your priority in the last 5, 10, or 20 years whilst you’ve been focusing on growing your company, and we get that!

Now you’ve made your business successful and the time’s paid off, you’ve taken a step back and realised your branding is stuck in the 1990s, listening to Spice Girls and drinking Snapple. You’ve put so much work into your business, it’s time that hard work and dedication are reflected in the visuals of your company.

New Location

A popular reason for rebranding is to tie in with a new location. This can be opening a new branch in a different county, or it could be a whole new continent. If you’ve changed country, you might need to update your branding to reflect the language spoken there, or to change the imagery to reflect the culture better. Changing location is a natural ‘clean slate’ for companies so is a popular time to rebrand.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If your company has just merged or you’ve acquired new business, it can be a great time to rebrand to show your clients that your businesses are entering a new era which will help build trust and excitement.

And here are a couple of reasons to NOT rebrand…



We get it! You see your branding (no matter how beautiful) day in, day out and you can start to feel restless. But before you call us up begging for an overhaul, remember that your customers, who see it a lot less than you, might love your current branding.


Covering Up a Crisis

If you’re dealing with internal conflicts, or currently fending off bad press, now’s not the time for a rebrand.

Think of how Hermes rebranded to Evri, after its name was tainted by allegations that its drivers mishandled parcels, whilst the rebrand might look great, they’re still a long way from building customers’ trust back.

Hermes – Evri Rebrand (Image via The Brand Gym)

If you rebrand during a crisis, most of your employees and consumers are smart enough to see through it and recognise it as a cover-up.

We’ve covered all the reasons you should (and shouldn’t!) be looking for a rebrand, remember to not be scared to rebrand as the payoff will be so worth it! We’ll work through any worries, concerns or fears you might have, such as losing your current audience and wanting to stay true to your existing values. It’s our job to ensure that doesn’t happen, and that we give your company a new look while ensuring we don’t alienate your current market.

Here are some of our team’s favourite rebrand examples and why!

The Big Issue

(Image via DesignWeek)
(Image via It’s Nice That)
(Image via It’s Nice That)

The Big Issue rebrand is really relevant to 2022, done by global agency Jones Knowles Riche, JKR. Maintaining the infamous boxy proportions of the previous Big Issue logo, the rebrand created ‘building blocks’ housing the name of each division, a nod, according to JKR, to the idea of “social scaffolding.”

“I’m glad it’s getting all the recognition and just reinventing itself. It’s managed to modernise itself with bold type and brighter colours without alienating those who knew it before.”

– Sarah, Director


(Image via Creative Review)
(Image via Creative Review)
(Image via Creative Review)

Mind rebranded in May 2021 to reflect its “fighting spirit”. The charity last updated its branding over a decade ago and felt like after 2020 a rebrand was needed to reflect the increasing pressures of the mental health crisis. They also changed their typeface, make in partnership with Monotype, which helps to make the brand more inclusive and accessible. We really like the emphasis on the squiggle logo that then inspired a range of hand-drawn illustrations.

“The illustrator in me always loves when brands use illustration to humanise and add personality!”

– Chance, Junior Designer

Burger King

(Image via Forbes)
(Image via Print Mag)
(Image via It’s Nice That)
(Image via It’s Nice That)

The Burger Kind rebrand in early 2021 generated a lot of excitement in design circles. Bringing back the logo of the 60s, the rebrand taps into that nostalgia but has modernised it for a digital-first world. A brand font was created, inspired by the shape of the burgers, and a rich colour palette was introduced.

“I loved the Burger King rebrand – I think it’s an awesome style and really simplifies it. It feels much less tacky now and adds a link to their heritage whilst still feeling modern. The new warm colour pallette and custom typeface feels much more coherent across the new identity.”

– Dylan, Junior Designer

How does the Martin Hopkins team approach a rebrand?

Once we’ve had a call with you to assess what you’re after and to get a feel for your company, we start to look at actually rebranding!

This involves re-establishing your target market through research to hone your key demographic. This is important as it helps us know who we’re designing for, so we can target your core demographics effectively. At the same time as doing this, we’ll help you redefine your company’s values, mission and vision, so it aligns with your new look! Then comes rebuilding your brand identity, changing the logos and the colours, looking at your tone of voice and getting tips from our copywriter if you want to adjust it to make it more casual or formal.

One of the most important things to remember is to consider everything as a whole, don’t just focus on the new logo or your new brand fonts! There’s so much more to a rebrand than that, look at the meaning and the driving force behind it

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Written by Stiliyana Petrova
Senior Designer + Branding Expert