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Introducing Chance and Dylan 👋

07th Jul 2022

If you keep an eye on our socials, you’d have seen that our team’s gotten a little bigger! We hired two new Junior Designers to join the Martin Hopkins family. We gave them a week to settle in and get used to our ways of working (and to get accustomed to the massive amounts of The Office gifs we send to each other) before calling them to interview them a third time. Surprising no one, they were both a lot more relaxed this time! Really, two interviews just isn’t enough…

Scroll down to get to know our new designers, what inspires them, and what album gets them out of a funk!

Tell us one thing you’d love for everyone to know about you

Dylan: Starting off with a hard one! I suppose that I’m really into movies, especially Christopher Nolan films, I find them so mind-bending. I also love the 80s classics, such as Steven Spielberg’s work. I’m also really into tech, and would self-describe myself as a total tech-nerd!


Chance: That’s a good question! Probably that I went to university later in life, not everyone waits until they’re in their mid-twenties to do their degree! I think it shows that I’m a dedicated and motivated person. It was a big step and a lot of work, but it was mostly driven by what career I wanted, rather than three years of living like a fresher! Overall, I loved going to uni so it’s something I love to bring up to chat about with people. Another benefit of going to university later was that I got such a range of experience working in a broad variety of different jobs before this.

What’s your favourite aspect of design?

Dylan: Branding and typography. How a visual identity can shape a brand and can be interpreted in a certain way through using good design and communication really interests me, and I love being able to make that happen. I also love Swiss graphic design.

Chance: Being able to combine illustration and design. I find the most joy there and get the most out of my skills as I would class myself as an illustrator that sort of ended up in graphic design.

Why graphic design?

Dylan: I knew I was interested in graphic design before I knew what it was. For a long time, I knew I wanted to do something creative, however my earlier background was in fine arts, but I always was inspired by, and was drawn to, digital work and graphic design. During my foundation I was able to discover that my passion lay in graphic design rather than fine arts.

Chance: Someone asked me to do a book cover and logo for them, but I wasn’t sure how to, so that’s what lead me into it. I always wanted to do something artistic career wise, but in school I was never told about graphic design as a career choice, I was wondering about training to be an art teacher. However, after consideration I realised they’re more rounded and tend to have a broad skill-set whereas I identified I wanted more of a niche. I’ve definitely had my fair share of doubts, and a few unhelpful “Art is not a career” comments, which slightly deterred me, but no matter what area I worked in, from charity work to working on a factory floor, I always wanted to go back to arts. I don’t see the need for graphic designers dying out any time soon, so I feel it’s a career with a bright future!


Tell us your first impressions about Martin Hopkins

Dylan: One of my favourite things about Martin Hopkins is how I felt like I was trusted from the beginning to get on with the work, and have creative freedom with what I’m doing. But knowing I could reach out if I needed extra support or I had a query about a project. It’s really helped me be able to throw myself into my work. Also the team have been so welcoming since Day 1!

Chance: I’ve massively enjoyed my first couple of weeks! Not wanting to sound like I’m playing favourites compared to my last employer, however I’ve found I’ve gotten more enjoyment from the work than I’ve found previously. Before starting at MH, I worked as an in-house designer, and whilst that was enjoyable in its own way, it’s been fun to work on multiple projects and not stagnate on one brief. I love the variation I’ve been able to have, one day I’m working on social media posts, then the next I’m working on an illustration for a mural. Everyone’s been incredibly welcoming, and it’s such a nice change to work within a small team, having worked in a large one previously. I love that we’re all on the Slack chats which has made it so easy to get to know everyone, especially given that we’re all hybrid working.

Recommend a design book to us!

Dylan: I’d have to recommend two! Firstly, Citizen First, Designer Second by Rejane Dal Bello and also Big Type by Jon Dowling

Chance: Oh Sh*t What Now by Craig Oldham

Where do you go to get your inspiration? Do you have any designers you’re inspired by?

Dylan: Instagram’s a massive inspiration for me, I save a lot that I constantly refer to. I also use Pinterest, but I feel I get inspiration from out and about, I often pull from more traditional, fine art forms, which is likely informed by my fine art background.

In terms of designers, I really like Jessica Walsh’s work, I love the way she uses type, she’s not afraid to go really wild with her application of it.

Chance: Always check Pinterest, probably on a daily basis. I also love Behance, which I’d describe as like a ‘designers only’ Pinterest, I find it much more curated and love being able to look at full case studies on there.

I follow so many designers on Instagram, however I probably get more inspiration from illustrators. One of my favourites is Sarah Cliff, she’s got a really great style and uses really muted colour palettes. All her work feels very retro inspired, which feels very ‘on-trend’ right now as people are gravitating to things that give them the feelings of ✨nostalgia✨.

What’s your go-to listen to get you out of a funk?

Dylan: It would have to be Melodrama by Lorde, especially the song Green Light, the lyrics really help to spark an idea for me!

Chance: Always go back to my emo roots if I need it, there’s something about music with a lot of guitar riffs which will really help to get me back in the zone! If I had to pick a certain artist, it would be Paramore, any album!


Let’s take a look back at their past work

🔥 Quick Fire Round 🔥

Photoshop or Illustrator?

Dylan: Illustrator

Chance: Illustrator

Instagram or TikTok?

Dylan: Instagram

Chance: TikTok

Serif or Sans Serif?

Dylan: Sans Serif

Chance: Sans Serif

Print or Digital?

Dylan: Digital

Chance: Digital

Dogs 🐶 or Cats 🐱 ?

Dylan: Dogs

Chance: Cats

Even their music taste checks out! Safe to say, we’re overjoyed to have two such talented and creative minds join our Martin Hopkins team, and expand the variety of work we can offer to our clients with our combined broad and diverse skillset.

With an expanded team, the possibilities are (almost) endless for what Martin Hopkins could do for your business! Whether you’re looking for a complete brand refresh, or someone to manage your social media, Martin Hopkins are the digital agency for you!

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Written by Alice-Rae Pringle
Digital Content Manager