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Introducing our new Senior Account Manager: Cherie 👋

09th Aug 2023

We mentioned in blogs earlier this year that we’ve been hiring, and we’re now so excited that we can finally introduce our new Account Manager, Cherie!

Cherie reached out to us about joining our team, and we couldn’t get over how fantastic her experience sounded, and we were keen to add her to the Martin Hopkins family as soon as possible! She’s already infected us with her bouncy energy and keeps spirits high with a constant stream of pictures of her dog Bonnie. As our wonderful clients will be working with her going forward, we wanted to let her introduce herself!

Welcome! We’re so excited to have you as part of the Martin Hopkins team! Now, we know what you’re here to do, but for our clients that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, can you tell us a little bit about your role here?

Well, firstly, let me say thank you for such a lovely welcome! I’m so pleased to be part of the team. As for my role, essentially I’ve come on board to manage our fantastic clients projects, build relationships, give support to the directors, and help action our new vision for the growth of the business and attract the clients that we would like to partner with. There are some exciting plans! I’m also delighted by the opportunity to perhaps share my experience and insight with the junior members of the team to help them grow further into their young professional selves.

You’re six weeks into working here as our Senior Account Manager, how are you finding it? Has anything surprised you since joining and seeing ‘behind the curtain’ as such?

I’m absolutely loving it! The biggest surprise for me is that whilst the team is slightly smaller than those I’ve worked with before, they are bursting with skill and creativity. Everyone has a genuine passion and energy for what they do and it’s clear that I’ve joined a phenomenal team who produce brilliant work because they really care about what they create, and their hearts and minds are really in what they put out.

Martin Hopkins has 38 years of history, which is a long time! And in that time they could have expanded into a huge team. Instead they’ve chosen to stay true to their values of being a family-run agency that cares about what they create. This really impressed me and just proves, you don’t have to be a big agency, to have big ideas. Having said that, that doesn’t mean they’ve been resting on their laurels by any stretch, they still have great ambitions and I’m thrilled to join them on this journey. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and lovely, it’s a real pleasure to be here.

You’ve had quite the career before joining us here, including working in Dubai for several years. Tell us about your journey to your new role as Senior Account Manager.

So, let’s do the personal side then do the career side! I was happy where I was in Dubai with the company I was working for but then love had different ideas for me! I met my now-husband and after being long-distance for three years, I decided to move back to the UK after being in Dubai for sixteen years. My husband is a Welshie and so during the time I was coming back and forth to Cardiff, I just fell in love with the country and the people, so it was a very easy decision to relocate and make Cardiff my new home.

Now, for the career side, I knew if I was moving from Dubai, where to go next was really important. Initially I worked in London and was commuting to Cardiff however as much as I loved it, I knew I wanted my life to be in Wales. And so the search began. It was a big moment of ‘life is what happens when you’re making other plans!’

We were so excited when you reached out to join our team, what was it that drew you to Martin Hopkins over other agencies?

When it came to my search, I knew I wanted to find my ‘forever home’. Somewhere I could really make a difference and bring my past experience to the team. I was really impressed when I found Martin Hopkins. I could tell that they were passionate about the projects they work on, their tone of voice spoke to me and I especially loved the fact that they work with a lot of purpose-led brands, that really make an impact. Then I met James and the team and knew I had found the right place. They are such a warm and inviting bunch, I am really proud to have joined them.

What are you most excited about going forward? Any exciting developments that the team or our clients can start looking forward to?

I’m really excited about our next move to start reaching out to smaller companies with creative projects. We’d love to work with even more new, local, independent businesses, that need the help of an agency to build their brand and tell their story, but are perhaps unsure of where to begin, or are overwhelmed by the whole process. This doesn’t need to be the case and we believe, that by working with us, (whatever size or stage they are in), we can show them that it doesn’t need to be complicated, they may even have some fun along the way, and ultimately end up with a beautifully designed brand that will help them reach the next stage and step out into the future with confidence.

Even though you’re now working as our Senior Account Manager, you’ve got a background in design, so tell us, where do you go for inspiration?

Oh man! It’s around us always, it’s everywhere! I know it’s old-school, but I find inspiration on the street, some cool graffiti or art installation, or a lovely shop front (there are so many in Cardiff!).

Of course, I love Instagram, Pinterest and museum installations! The Vincent Van Gough immersive experience is on my list! During lockdown I set up my own side hustle producing neon art pieces that helped me channel my creativity during the uncertain times, so I was part of a lovely group of small businesses and a wide range of artists I never knew existed. I also connected with some incredible artists in my niche based in Germany during that time!
I find architecture incredibly inspiring too, I love George Clarke’s ‘Old House, New Home’ series. And travel! How could I forget travel! I’ve been so lucky in where I have lived that many fascinating countries have been easy to visit, and there’s nothing more inspiring than immersing yourself in a whole new culture and city. Colours, smells, food, architecture, it’s magic! That’s a long answer, but it comes in so many different forms, it’s not just what we perceive it to be. Inspiration is so subjective, I just know when I see something, it speaks to me and inspires me in many different ways.

Tell us about yourself when you’re not at work!

Currently I’m either at the gym, walking my dog, Bonnie, or spending time with my husband and friends. As my friends are based all over the world, I’m constantly on the phone talking to them – I was literally on the phone to a friend in Aus at 7am this morning before work! I’m forever organising dates in the diary planning to visit everyone. The life as an expat is never dull!

Eating out is high on the list, there are so many fantastic places opening up in the city! But you can also finding me off in wellies on walks. Especially as there is so much choice. Whether you want the coast, the mountains or the country, it’s right there on our doorstep!

One of my favourite places to walk with Bonnie is Tredegar House (I love a National Trust property!) Funnily enough, I used to love walking in Pontcanna Fields too, which is opposite the offices!

When I’m not doing any of that, my husband and I are trying to finish renovating our house – we bought it in 2019 and we managed to do six months of renovations before covid hit, which put a massive spanner in the works!

Bonnie 🐶
Cherie + Bonnie
And more Bonnie!

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