JR Smart have been one of our long standing clients for years now, and as such we take great pride in all of the work we complete with them. Following the recent rebrand we completed for Capital Quarter in Cardiff, we were fortunate enough to go on to redesign and develop the JR Smart website.

Becoming mobile friendly

The previous website for JR Smart had served its purpose but was no longer fit for the modern age. This new design and framework brings the website into the digital age as it is completely responsive to all mobile devices and screen sizes. With more people searching on mobile phones than computers, we knew it was important to really improve the mobile website user experience and improve the navigation of the site.

We began this project with a planned site map and a design for the mobile first mind-set. All elements were considered for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The new web design considers all users and gives them encouragement to click through the site and increase conversion rates. Mobile friendly buttons and menus were incorporated into the web designs. Our focus on responsiveness led us to create two pieces of artwork for the site, one for mobile/tablet devices and one for desktop computers. This allowed us to create a web design that worked for all users and created a good user experience throughout the site through an extensive strategy for launch.

Portfolio website design for JR Smart developments

JR Smart wanted to have a website where they could display all of their projects, old and new, so prospective buyers or partners could see the wealth of experience they have in their field. As high end developers in Cardiff, they wanted to show their sophistication and knowledge in development. Not only this but it was important to show their participation in the development of Cardiff as a prime city centre location. Part of this came with the development of Capital quarter and the production of the Smart Bridge which connects it directly to the city centre. Thousands of locals and commuters use the bridge as a shortcut and as such it was important to feature this on the site in their portfolio. Giving the site a two-part portfolio element allowed us to integrate both the older ‘portfolio’ projects and the new/current developments without overloading users. We provided JR Smart with a drag and drop CMS that allowed them to tag a project as either portfolio work or current projects (or even both). This meant that they could choose the level of detail they added to each project. Current projects hold a tabbed system for the overview, availability and property location. All of these were clearly marked in our content management system and are easily changed and saved to the live site.

Flexible content management system

The Martin Hopkins Design CMS is there to give JR Smart the freedom to add and remove elements when needed. From our years as an experienced web design agency we have developed the system to allow for additional features such as news or blog sections that can be added in at a later date if required. As well as this the bespoke system gives JR Smart complete control over their website content and allows them to make easy changes to the website without disrupting the web design and user experience that has been built. The drag and drop features of the site allow them to create responsive website content that is created in a pre determined layout in minutes, meaning they do not have to worry about designing the page layout themselves. Not only does this save them time and money, but it also keeps the look of the site in harmony with their brand. We loved working on this project and are pleased to say the client is very happy with the outcome.

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