Lextox approached Martin Hopkins Design agency for a corporate promotional video and were looking for creativity, sharp content and a professional output that could highlight the quality of their procedures and process whilst showcasing the depth of knowledge they have at their disposal.

Powerful corporate message

Video is the by far the best way to instantly affect an audience, and through a cleverly scripted, neatly produced and creatively edited corporate video production you can help your business grow.

Our video service is fully bespoke to you. Martin Hopkins will start a project by listening to you, to establish your needs and deliverables. We then suggest a unique solution that is crafted to meet with your requirements and your chosen budget.

Lextox Drug and Alcohol Testing was established in the UK, by experts from within the UK industry. Their aim is to provide their clients with the most reliable results and the most responsive client oriented service for family law solicitors and childcare proceedings.

As the first independent, UK owned laboratory to achieve ISO 17025 UKAS accreditation for hair alcohol testing, Lextox is a specialist hair drug and alcohol-testing laboratory dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients.

Lextox pride themselves on providing the leading professional service within the industry. This was a key factor indicted within the video production and storyboarding phase of this project.

Planning strategy

First it was vital to define the key company messages that needed to be highlighted within the video. Storyboarding was the fist step in defining the running order and deliverables giving us a blueprint for the project to ensure all objectives are met.


The storyboarding of the corporate video pays dividends on production day; we have a timeframe that needs to be adhered to and with multiple locations and setup on site. This meant that the pre planning allowed us to to get everything we needed to complete a high quality video. All filming benefits from the latest high-end HD video cameras, lighting, microphones and multiple professionals to guide you through the day. Our attention to detail and quality in everything we do is at every stage of the process.

Having captured all the video content needed, the post production team started piecing the final video together; creating professionally animated graphics and pairing it with royalty-free music to make the video sing.

Once the final video had gone through the amendment process with the team at Lextox, the video was then professionally colour graded, audio mastered and exported for final use. The end result was one of professionalism that delivers on the key messages and points defined by Lextox. A polished film that reemphasizes their reliable and easy to use service, depth of knowledge and quality responsive results.

Nothing says professional like a carefully designed, fluid video, so let’s get started!

Martin Hopkins design agency offer end-to-end creative video production for all your corporate video needs. We work with real care to develop an initial concept, through storyboarding, location filming, editing and post-production to deliver the desired outcome to you and your prospective clients, striking the right tone of voice and producing quality in all that we do.

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Our strength comes in combining the items in a layout that is not only attractive and modern but functions correctly and communicates a brand’s message. It’s important to find the correct visual balance to any design. We would never send a proposal to a client until we are happy that it fulfills the brief. Less is more and the skill is in the details. Pulling a successful design together is a learnt skill, and all of our designers have solid backgrounds in the creative industry and are able to debate and analyse the merit of a design proposal. It can get quite animated but there are plenty of laughs while we discuss the multiple possibilities. We’re all actively involved in every project, which we feel gives it the diversity it needs to truly meet it’s brief.

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