Headlines are so important. Usually they may be the first or only thing a consumer will read about your product. That’s why it is so key to communicate clearly through combined visuals and messaging in your marketing design. Getting a headline wrong could be the shortfall of your marketing material, which is the last thing you would like or need when working with sales material.

Give it meaning

First rule of creating a headline is to make it meaningful. Give it a reason for being there and marry it up with your other layout content. Using meaning will give your advertising purpose and also encourage action from consumers. Sometimes you don’t have to spell it out for people; simply suggest something and use imagery that indicates the same thing and people will get it. It is when design is transparent that it works best. Visual communication is very complex as a thought process, but in it’s final form should be so simple that consumers may not even notice how well it is communicating as they just ‘get it’.

Make sure it makes sense

On the opposite end of the spectrum, make sure your headline is not too abstract or that it could be interpreted differently to your intentions. The last thing you want to do is offend any potential customers through a lack of testing the headline out. Make sure the way you are using the language cannot be misinterpreted any other way to what you would like.

Make sure it’s giving a cohesive message

Another thing is to ensure that all of your content works together. When choosing a headline to coincide with your imagery, always make sure the headline message makes sense alongside the image. Graphic communication will connect your message through both text and imagery so ensure that both elements communicate the same meaning. Having two different things that mean different things can confuse your message and make it harder for people to understand your offering. Professional graphic designers will have the skills and training when it comes to marketing design, and as such should ensure this works for you.

Make sure it’s branded correctly

Your brand is more than just your logo; its how people see you and your ethos. As such it is important that you don’t deviate from your brand guidelines to ensure that it is branded as you and does not look as if it has come from a different or new company. People will begin to recognise your brand if you keep it consitant. Make sure they know who you are by putting your ‘mark’ on any marketing material you put out and also on the headlines. The tone of voice set out in your brand should be followed through in your designs.

Marketing design

It’s always worth considering all of the points above when designing or marketing a website. Have a look at your website and try asking yourself all of the questions as if you are a potential customer. Does it work for you and what does it say about your business? Website reviews are definitely worth the time and effort as you will get a return on investment through increased interest.

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