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Martin Hopkins x Swansea Uni

23rd Jan 2024

We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Swansea University, where we’ve embarked on a comprehensive journey into the world of brand guardianship over the past six months. We’ve always always been passionate about preserving and enhancing brand identities, and this partnership is a testament to that dedication.

Martin Hopkins x Swansea University Brand Guardianship

“We commissioned Martin Hopkins to design a suite of materials to help us promote Swansea University’s sport programmes to students and other audiences. It was a pleasure to work with the Team at Martin Hopkins who expertly guided us through the process. Their attention to detail, expert advice and clear communication throughout the project was superb and we’re delighted with the suite of assets we now have to support our student engagement activities this year.”

Ellie Morgan, Sports Marketing and Communications Coordinator

What is Brand Guardianship?

In the digital age and constant brand evolution, brand guardianship stands out as a vital practice. It’s all about ensuring that a brand remains consistent, recognisable, and true to its core values, even as it grows and evolves. This means monitoring and guiding a brand’s representation across various platforms, ensuring that any new content, be it an advertisement, blog post, or social media update, aligns seamlessly with the brand’s guidelines.

Making Brands Accessible

Beyond the core practice of brand guardianship, we at Martin Hopkins care deeply about brand accessibility (read our 5 Ways to Making Your Brand More Accessible blog to find out more about that!). In today’s diverse world, a brand’s reach goes far beyond its immediate audience. As a result, it’s essential that brands are not just visually or conceptually appealing, but also accessible to everyone, regardless of potential disabilities.

We help brands ensure that their colours, fonts, and designs are not just trendy but also user-friendly for those with visual impairments and align with the WGCA guidelines. We guide the integration of assistive technologies into web platforms, such as implementing Browsealoud on Melo, making it a smoother experience for all users. It’s all about making sure everyone can engage with a brand in a meaningful way.

The Road Ahead

Our collaboration with Swansea University is a significant step in our ongoing journey to promote effective brand guardianship and accessibility. As we dive deeper into this project, our goal remains: to ensure that Swansea University’s brand not only shines brightly but also resonates far and wide, reaching every potential student, staff member, and stakeholder.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration. For real-time insights and updates, don’t forget to follow us on our social channels.

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