Although the update was a couple of years ago, it’s worth noting that Google began targeting websites that are not friendly for mobiles.

Mobile searches

Google have boosted google rankings for websites that are mobile-friendly on mobile search results. With more people searching on mobiles than on desktops, it is so important to be ranked with your competition in mobile searches. They have rolled this mobile-friendly update out to allow their searches to find more relevant, quality content that is easily readable without having to zoom or tap your device. It also requires clickable buttons that are spaced correctly, that the webpage avoids content that is unplayable and the avoidance of horizontal scrolling.

Update to mobile-friendly

It’s important to stay current as more people are now searching using mobiles than they are using desktop computers. The update affected all mobile searches in all languages globally, and applies to individual pages not just a website as a whole. A webpage is either mobile-friendly or not mobile-friendly, meaning there are no varying degrees of mobile-friendliness. The update works on a page by page basis, meaning even if some of your pages are mobile friendly it is still worth updating those that aren’t. Should you choose to do this, google will automatically rescan your pages and flag them as mobile friendly on searches results.

Check if you’re mobile-friendly

Martin Hopkins can help you to convert your webpages to ones that are mobile-friendly. Unsure if your website is mobile friendly? To find out, use: Google’s mobile-friendly test

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