Keeping up to date with the latest online developments is key to any business. At Martin Hopkins we work hard to stay current in a modern digital world because we know it’s vital to keep up with the changing trends in the market. One of the biggest things you may notice is that today’s consumers are using their mobile devices more and more to access the internet. But why should you have a responsive mobile-friendly website?

Be found

It is a fact that today, more people search on mobile phones than on computers. Without updating to a responsive website design that can be used on multiple devices, you may lose the consumers who visiting your website only to find it is impossible to navigate. Google will prioritise websites that are mobile friendly meaning if yours is not, it is less likely to be discovered. Consumers are using their phones to search for local businesses and if yours is not listed due to google penalising it, then people may not know of the services or products you offer. The last thing any business wants is to lose out to their more current competitors.

Keep consumers

People are five times more likely to leave your website because it isn’t mobile friendly. If you have an outdated website, it could be unresponsive (meaning it has slow loading times). It could also be hard to navigate as it was made for an entirely different screen size and ratio. Your website needs to be able to respond to whichever device visitors are using and still be easy to navigate. For example, on a mobile phone, clickable buttons for navigation need to be larger to compensate for the fact that it is a finger or thumb that will be pressing them. If the button is too small, the user cannot tap it without tapping something else. If it is too large, the user may click it by accident. It is all of these seemingly minor elements that really make up a user experience. A bad user experience is a bad reflection on your business.

Stay current

Technology is changing, and fast. With the way online content is going, it is important to stay on top of it more than ever, else you will quickly get left behind. You need to ensure that you are reaching your customers in whatever way possible. Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds. This means that if your website is slow, unresponsive and hard to use, users are very likely to leave it in favour of one of your competitor’s websites, which functions well. Keeping up to date with your website is important to ensuring you are reaching the maximum consumers possible. 87% of people in the UK use a smartphone. As well as using their mobiles, people are using multiplatform devices such as laptops, tablets and desktop computers. This highlights just how important it is for a website to respond to the different screen sizes.

It’s good for business

If you’re in the eCommerce business, it is worth noting that over half of the UKs retail sales happen on a mobile or tablet device. People in the UK spend 61% of their time online, on their mobile devices. They are beginning to stay home to browse the digital windows of online shops. Long gone are the days when people would window shop in their local town. Instead they can do it from their sofa without ever having to leave the house. Modern day consumers have busy lifestyles and often do not have the time to visit their local shops or businesses. Make sure you aren’t missing out on this demographic.

It makes you look good

Your online presence reflects on your business. The way it looks and the ease of use are becoming a part of the customer’s experience dealing with your company. The last thing any business wants is for users to have a frustrating experience and relating it with their company. In the case of eCommerce it can often lead to a loss of sales and possibly bad reviews. It’s a mobile first world, people are using their mobile phones for so much more these days; map directions, online searches or ‘googling’, social media, online shopping, fitness and so much more. An unresponsive website is often a missed opportunity to gain consumer trust.

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