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Introducing our new Digital Content Manager – Alice-Rae!

28th Oct 2021

Our team is thrilled to welcome our new recruit, Alice-Rae!

Welcome to our resident social media guru! If you’re even remotely familiar with the inner workings of social media and content production, you’ll know this is no easy feat! This is where Alice-Rae comes in to save the day. She crafts carefully planned social media campaigns and has an unmatched passion for content.

We sat down and asked our Digital Content Manager, Alice-Rae a few questions

First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you as a person and how did you get into the wild world of social media?

I’m a creative person and to be honest, I always thought I’d end up in a more hands-on creative role, after studying Digital Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts. After I graduated however, I started working in a social media role for a career coaching company, but I quickly realised the corporate world wasn’t for me!

Luckily, at the same time I was coming to this realisation, an independent gift shop in my home town of Bude asked me if I’d like to come and work for them to manage their social media. It was an easy one to say yes to!

After about a year, I decided I wanted to move from North Cornwall to Cardiff. I started looking for social media roles up here, which is how I ended up working as a Digital Content Manager for Martin Hopkins!

You’ve been here for four months now! What were your first impressions of Martin Hopkins?

One thing that jumps to mind is how I immediately felt comfortable with everyone. I think it’s partly because we’re a small team so we’re close-knit. It’s really refreshing to work somewhere where you get honest feedback on your work, because then you really know when you’ve done a good job.

Something that surprised me is how the designers genuinely listen if I have feedback (very minimal and poorly worded!) on something they’ve been working on. As a non-designer working in social media, I wouldn’t have expected to be so involved in this process. It’s lovely to offer my thoughts and see them listened to, even when it isn’t my area of expertise!

As Digital Content + Social Media Manager (a.k.a. our new social media guru!) what are your observations of the current digital scene? What do you think people will lean towards post-pandemic?

All social media apps saw a significant period of growth during 2020, with people having more time to sit and scroll. For many, social media was the primary way to stay up to date on friends and family. Twitter really stood out as being an immediate and direct source of news. Especially from the frontline care workers who were sharing their stories of the harrowing shifts on the COVID wards.

Something that I’ve found interesting to witness during the pandemic is the growth of Tik Tok. It’s evolved from the lip-syncing app it was originally designed to be, with now 1 in 6 Americans saying they use the app daily (Source: Forbes). And the constant launch of new features within the app, I don’t see them slowing down any time soon!

How do you think Social Media Marketing can benefit a business?

I think in this climate there are very few (I’d almost go as far to say zero) businesses that wouldn’t benefit from having a social media presence. Not only can it help you reach a wider audience, it can help you target specific demographics who will engage with your product or service. It also increases your brand awareness, meaning that more people become aware of your business and are more likely to work with you. In my personal experience, I will avoid using brands that don’t have a strong media presence, as I believe it makes them look outdated.

Well, that’s all the time we have with Alice-Rae, thank you for chatting with us! Keep your eyes peeled for our latest social media updates from Martin Hopkins and our clients to see more of Alice-Rae’s great work.

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