Martin Hopkins design was recently commission to undertake the redesign of the Nexdorf Electrical brand. We have been lucky enough to work with Nexdorf over the past years and as the company has grown and developed the previous brand that had been developed for them was not fully portraying the new focus of the business and the forward thinking mentality that they have as a company ethos.

Fresh branding

We considered every aspect of a brand’s visual and verbal tone of voice. We worked tirelessly with Nexdorf Electrical to build and strengthen the brand. We had to define the essence of what their brand is all about, thinking clever thoughts and delivering real results.

Research & design brief

The whole branding process can be broken down into 3 major parts:

It’s the most crucial part of the overall process, and resulted in a design brief that guides the rest of the project. The brief to us was simple; they needed a logo that was more progressive with a modern clean message. Messaging in any brand or redesign is vital. We summarised the core values of the brand, the brand’s products and it’s service offering. From competitive analysis or customer surveys to current brand positioning, our research and discovery phase is where we gather snippets of information that will grow into creative solutions.

The companies full name is Nexdorf Electrical Control Engineering, and although it does what is says on the tin, it’s a mighty mouth full. Having discussed this with the managing staff and customers it was clear that everyone referred to the company as simply ‘Nexdorf’.

A subtle change to simplify the logo form from the previous clutter and over complicated logo to a clean minimalistic brand with a new shorted name was the new direction.

Logo form

When it come to the logo itself, big ideas are worthless without the details that make people stop and take notice. Our healthy obsession with the finer points of typography, form, and materials all contribute to having the message heard loud and clear. With Nexdorf this was no exception, we crafted a bespoke cut typeface that was unique to them, paying great attention to the weight of the typeface and the horizon of the lettering. Making sure the simplistic nature of the new logo brand is easy to read and has the modern timeless form that they were looking for. The end result is something that now feels more cutting edge and more closely linked to the industry in which they are in, we have reshaped the customer experience and made it a richer, more meaningful and inspiring brand; one that Nexdorf are proud to push.

Nexdorf brand guidelines

The brand style guidelines are the core of the identity design. They contain the master logo, usage rules, house typefaces, color palette, layout guidelines, and more. The guidelines have been produced an easy reference tool where their suppliers and sister companies can create design collateral and marketing materials that will have a cohesive look and tone of voice that has been developed.

Rolling out the new Nexdorf logo brand

The Nexdorf logo mark and brand design is the first stepping stone that will then lead into the other marketing material being rolled out.

The corporate livery of the vans that Nexdorf runs was one of the first implementations of the brand. The company has a large fleet of vans of all shapes and size so organising them to be available for the graphics to be fitted was a task in itself. Martin Hopkins are currently working on the new responsive website design and development, which is well underway so please check back soon to see the new and improved site with a major focus being on the mobile user experience.

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