As much as we love our beautifully crafted printed material and the joy of being able to flip through from one page to another, the reality is we live in a digital age that is being revolutionised over and over again. Just when you think the modern world could not progress any further, current technology developments astound us by doing just that. But exactly what are the pros and cons of print against digital design? Let’s begin with print…

Print pros

Hoard them!

Well, first and foremost you get to keep them…in all their fabulously tactile glory. Yours to savour whenever you like: take them out, flick through them, enjoy the feeling of the pages sliding through your fingers…it sounds weird but is irresistible. The only restriction being the amount of space you have to store them.

A physical and sensory experience

Ever noticed how you are more likely to retain information read from a book rather than read on screen. Studies have shown that sensory experience and physical interaction allows the mind to better retain knowledge. I know that while I would be lost without my kindle, I am also aware the I often have no idea what book I am reading because I am missing that important stage of picking up the book and going to my bookmarked page. A vital task that allows me to view, even if only on a subliminal level, the creatively designed cover of the book with the title on it. This illustrates how the loss of that simple physical, visual process means the loss of that information. Visual communication is so important for any branded material and giving the information to your consumers in their hands means you are more likely to get an increase in brand exposure; even if it’s subliminally, because they see it regularly on their desks or surfaces. In the modern world, once scrolled past or refreshed in a social media newsfeed, it is likely to be gone forever.

Grab and go

Print is easily purchased or given; grab a magazine, newspaper or book for a quick, low cost commitment. Also in the age of HTML email newsletters that are constantly being bombarded into your mailbox a bespoke creatively design mailer can be a breath of fresh air. Who said that print is dead!

Print cons

Quickly outdated

Unfortunately, given that we do live in a digital age, it does go without saying that print simply can’t keep up. As compared with most things digital, it is technically out of date before it is even ‘out of the box’! The downside being that because people want the most up to date information, there is little patience for a system that will not allow for this and print cannot compete on this level.

Cost and circulation

Print is limited to the number in the print run and the amount of people who can get their hands on it. Print overheads can be vast if aimed at the mass market and you will never truly reach all the people you want to reach.

Limited feedback

Print does not allow a convenient or quick way to get feedback. What your clients think can have a big impact on how you proceed in the future and on what you offer your audience. While you may get the odd person who will go to the effort to contact you with valid feedback, it cannot compare to the immediate response that Twitter or Instagram can offer at the touch of a button!

So digital wins… or does it?

Check back tomorrow for part two: digital.

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