Upon the new year we found ourselves looking back at all of the brilliant rebrands of 2016. From Guinness to MasterCard, it’s fair to say there have been some beautiful rebrands of global companies in the past year. We share some of our favourites with you…

Rebrands of 2016

Well that’s it, another year over and another opportunity to start over. Below we share some of our favourite rebrand of 2016 with you…

James: Mastercard & Gumtree

“There have been some great rebrands this year from some of the largest most recognisable brands out there and none more so that the Mastercard new logo. Their previous logo had gone relatively untouched for almost 20 years which is a feat in itself, however I am a big fan of the new back to basic logo brand that has been produced. The overlapping red and yellow circles form one of the most instantly recognizable logo designs in the world – and this update only tightens the image to work for an increasingly digital landscape moving forward for the brand. The typography has also been greatly overhauled, an easy on the eye round font which mirrors the distinctive MasterCard graphics with a subtle nod to the 1979 logo. A big thing for any brand is to communicate to its audience without being over complicated and without losing its core principles – now if there was a brand that felt miscommunicated and awkward it was the Gumtree brand. The new redesign of their logo is great; it communicates a clear simple brand image that will engage the online community. They have cleverly kept things modern, simple and feels very much like it has a digital application. The stripped back tree icon makes the brand instantly more recognizable, this coupled with a new simple but vibrant colour pallet work wonders.”

Sarah: Co Op and Guinness

“I personally absolutely loved the rebrand of Co Op and Guinness. The Guinness rebrand was beautiful and the printed finishes on it made for a stunning piece of design work. I really love the new icon and how intricate yet simple it is as a mark. The Co Op rebrand really took me by surprise but I absolutely love it! I have a Co Op just around the corner from my house and I joined their membership scheme just to get a hold of the beautiful bold coloured membership card (amongst other beautifully designed items that I hoard for inspiration). I find myself buying their plastic bags when I don’t really need to just so that I have plastic bags that are that lovely blue colour. I appreciate the simplicity and history of the new logo mark and how they have transferred it across their products and packaging. “

Kath: Morrisons & Instagram

“There’s been lots to get the creative juices flowing appreciatively this past year and I have a tendency to be a bit laid back when it comes to being vocal about good design. That said, I am willing to not only put my hand up, but to wave it around profusely as well when it comes to the Morrisons rebrand. I think it does bucket loads of good for the company. It’s so much fresher and far more contemporary than the previous brand, which was a bit crap basically, for a company of this magnitude. That said, the new brand has maintained continuity of theme in the (slightly adjusted) colour usage, but the use of a richer yellow invokes uplifting summery thoughts, rather than the dogs favourite patch of snow..know what I’m saying? It is just immediately so much more appealing. This combined with the nicely rounded but chunky font…I love chunky fonts…. has done wonders for the brand. In case you didn’t realise, I really like this rebrand.

The other stand-out brand for me is Instagram. A controversial rebrand considering the previous Iconic logo but, again, a much fresher and more contemporary feel to take it forward… I simply like it. I can’t really say more about this rebrand. Design is such a subjective thing…sometimes there is no rhyme or reason, you simply love it or you don’t!”

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