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Your logo design needs to be identifiable, recognisable and versatile for uses across multiple outputs. Otherwise, it will not promote your brand in the correct light.

Your logo should be a memorable mark for your business and give the correct associations to your brand. It's design should allow consumers to understand your brand through an iconic logo mark; it should be a visual cue to your brand that is instantly recognisable across every avenue you explore. It's important to consider where it will be seen, and who will be seeing it. You need to reach out to your audience in a split second, with a logo that speaks for itself. 

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A logo identity to suit your market

Before we begin brainstorming a logo, our graphic designers will always look at the market, audience and competitors to see how your brand sits and how we can help you going forward. Only then will we start putting pen to paper or mouse to pixel. Being a leading logo design agency, we understand that the logo design is imperative to the success of your brand. Research is key to ensure the logo design process is as slick as possible and the outcome performs for your brand. Your logo should define your brand. We work hard to make sure your logo will perform for your business, rather than show off myriads of elements that may not be decipherable. We keep it simple, to make sure your brand can be instantly identified by your consumers.

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toybox nursery branding tshirt design print shirt logo brand

Logo designs we've crafted

© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - Nexdorf Electrical Brand Logo
© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - Toybox Day Nursery Logo
© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - Morgans Residential Estate Agents Logo
© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - Peter Broughton Logo
© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - James Oliver Kitchens Logo
© Martin Hopkins Design, Cardiff - PMG Estate Agents Logo

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