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A great piece of marketing material can really get you noticed; great design speaks volumes. That is why it is important to set out clear goals and objectives and target them within your marketing strategy to ensure you can accomplish them. At Martin Hopkins, we provide sound strategies and creative solutions for your online marketing, starting with content marketing and building up to your SEO and email marketing.

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Content marketing

All content should be engaging and appeal to both visitors and search engines. We will ensure your content gets you found on google and keeps users interested when they find you through the search engines or links. We build trust in your online presence and create interaction between your brand and your audience. By tracking the engagement from your audience, we can develop your content further and monitor changes to ensure your marketing is working in the long run. We increase traffic, maximise conversions, help you achieve marketing goals and increase profit for your business.

Email marketing design

Online content is at the core of what we do. Email marketing is a low-cost solution that has been proven to have a high return on investment for any business. As a digital marketing tool, it allows instant interaction from your key audiences and allows for targeted marketing that gets you results fast. A well designed piece of email marketing will catch the attention of your potential consumers, help you retain existing ones and drive them all to your business.

Search engine optimisation

It’s hard to ignore the importance of SEO with Google becoming a verb instead as well as a brand name. Our website developers work with dedication and attention to ensure that the meta data used for your online marketing drives users to your websites and allows you to rank higher in search engines. By increasing your website visibility online, more traffic is driven to your business and converted into profit. Working with captivating content, social media marketing and SEO, we can integrate all of our services to help your business grow online

Social media campaigns

Creating engaging content for social media campaigns is important in the digital age – it’s what gets your users really interacting with your brand and website. We strive to create beautiful content that your audience will want to share as we know the shareability of your content is a key component to successful social media marketing. Displaying your product or service and offering an incentive for sharing can really open up your audience and allow you to target a much wider range of people, giving you more business.

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quote testimonial llanmoor homes online marketing design

Online marketing design for Llanmoor Homes

"Llanmoor Homes are a long established privately owned new home developer in South Wales. We compete directly with the national home builders and an integral part of maintaining our market share is the quality of our design in terms of advertising design, website appearance and useability, marketing signage design and sales literature. Martin Hopkins Partnership have continued to ensure that our branding remains both very visually appealing and up to date in a time where competition for new home buyers has been and continues to be tough. First impressions count to home buyers and with the assistance of the staff and Directors at Martin Hopkins, Llanmoor Homes remain a significant attraction to such home buyers as an excellent alternative to the mainstream home builders. Thanks to all at Martin Hopkins for the great work"

Tim Grey - Managing Director, Llanmoor homes


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