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We’re an independent creative branding and full-service graphic design company with more than 32 years’ trusted and proven experience creating design communications for clients of all shapes and sizes, across many different sectors. Our graphic designers work with clients to understand their ambitions and always work tirelessly towards their end goals – creating design-led communications that achieve fantastic results.

As a leading Cardiff graphic design agency we are able to offer a comprehensive service designed to meet the individual requirements of the most demanding of clients, under the most stringent of timescales. Working hand in hand and keeping clients apprised of all aspects of a given project means we have built up strong bonds and successful working relationships, and having an end product that does everything, and more than the client intended, means that we have achieved the set goals. A prime design company that services the UK, that doesn’t compromise on results, quality or service; with a main objective to create the perfect solution to a clients’ needs and deliver a package that is both effective and successful. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again….we love what we do.

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Trusted and proven design services

For more than 32 years we’ve been creating and building brands that work in the real world. During this time we have built up a strong reputation based on the quality of our services and the high standards of innovation and thought provoking creativity we offer. Further more Martin Hopkins' well-established integrated approach adds value for clients, with a portfolio of projects that has delivered results and also won a few awards along the way. Our joined-up creative thinking pays dividends at every level, unlocking true value for both the client and the end consumer.

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In short, our graphic designers offer creative innovation that makes consumers happy, and with a staggering 88% of our of graphic design projects coming from client referrals, we know we must be doing something right.


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