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Sparking Joy: Our Team Away Day Screen Printing at Printhaus

17th Mar 2022

One of our New Year’s resolutions was to do more things together as a team outside of work. As much as we all love agency creativity and working from home (endless coffee, time with the dogs and never taking your slippers off? Count us in!), we’re all missing the face-to-face time we used to get more of before the pandemic. After much discussion at our Christmas party, we decided we needed to do more together, more than our daily catch ups over Slack! We all agreed we wanted to do things that were outside of our day-to-day, and after a bit of brainstorming, we decided on a screen-printing workshop at Print Haus in Cardiff.

We were excited about being able to play with a different part of our creativity as it’s rare that some of us get to experiment with different mediums in our usual work. Sarah and James were both particularly excited – as Creative Director and Director, admin jobs often have to take precedence, meaning their hands-on creative sides were itching to get involved!

We arrived dressed in our messiest clothes, fully expecting to end up become the most painted screen printers to enter the building! Jude from the Print Haus patiently showed us how to play with shapes, overlay colour and add textures into our prints. It was hard to be in their studio for longer than a minute and not feel inspired, with prints lining the wall, samples laid out next to each other, and what felt like an endless supply of ink pots, all for us!

Let’s see what the team thought of the day…

James – Director

“It was lovely to explore the creative playground of ink on paper whilst having time away from the computer, Jude was amazing and guided all through the process to ensure we all took something away from the experience. For me, still, the best part of an away day is spending time with the team, fun times with very little shop talk.”

Sarah – Creative Director

“I absolutely love screen printing and had so much fun. Getting the layering to be registered (lined up exactly) was almost impossible, and something I had to learn to let go of – after all, it’s not something that is possible to get ‘pixel perfect’ like our digital art working. I just loved getting creative in a new setting with some of my favourite people.”

Stiliyana – Senior Designer

“I struggled a lot at first! I have quite a lot of experience in lino-printing (you can see more of Stilyana’s lino-print work here!) and was surprised to find out that screen-printing basically uses reverse logic. It took me a while to grasp! Once I got it, it was smooth sailing! I was, and still am, obsessed with the space and most importantly, I got to see the big toys professional printmakers use.”

Georgie – Mid-weight Designer

“It was lovely to be able to take a break from working at a screen and do something hands-on. It’s something I haven’t been able to experience since university! I found it so rewarding to explore my creativity in a different way and got a pretty nice piece of art out of it too.”

Design Away Day Takeaways

We all agreed that one of our favourite things to come out of the day was being able to witness each other’s creative process and way of working. From the initial idea to cutting out the shapes from paper, right up to colour choices and printing. All our work looked so unique, so inherently us. It perfectly shows the amount and the diversity of creative energy we have running through our graphic design agency.

And of course, we all loved getting our hands dirty. It made us realise the importance of playing, experimenting, and having fun in our designs work, something which can be easily forgotten when you’re designing daily.

We each came away with a handful of A5 prints to take home. This induced lots of discussions about where we were going to proudly display our handiwork. We also walked away with a renewed sense of creative freedom to feed back into our project work for our clients.

So, all that’s really left is… Which one’s the best?!

Written by Alice-Rae Pringle
Digital Content Manager