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Hot off the press, our John Street brochure

24th Mar 2020

One of the best parts of our job is seeing our work come to life. Not afraid to admit our love for the smell of freshly printed ink, we jumped at the chance to visit our friends at Spectrum Print to see one of our latest brochure designs hot off the press.

Your brochure design pros

Innovative brochure design is a real area of expertise for us at Martin Hopkins, and our latest design for Cardiff’s John Street development is no exception. We combined an effective brand design with our expert brochure skills to produce a beautiful piece of marketing material for clients JR Smart. As a landmark development, we wanted the brochure to be equally sophisticated and eye-catching.

A well-designed brochure is a serious marketing tool, as well as a thing of beauty. Putting your business in your customers’ hands (literally!) can create fantastic results and could make all the difference between selling or falling short. Professional and head-turning design ensures your brand, product or service will stand out from the crowd. It’s important to remember that sometimes there’s nothing better than a physical book or brochure. The power of print should not be underestimated.

Brochure Design Agency Cardiff
Brochure Design Agency Cardiff

It’s in the details

Our design for the John Street brochure included 24 pages containing bespoke illustrations, CGI imagery and all the necessary plans and details. As part of our visually striking design, copy was kept to a minimum to allow our carefully chosen imagery to speak for itself. To ensure the brochure had presence and a unique design, we opted for an oversized A4 uncoated paper, decidedly moving away from the traditionally favoured gloss coatings. We teamed this with a machine stitched binding, in the brand yellow of course, to enhance this tactile experience. Finally, we had the brand mark foil blocked in black for a little finishing touch on the front cover. Combining these elements created an exceptional piece of print that prospective John Street businesses would both envy and admire.

Brochure Design Agency Cardiff

A brochure design to create impact

Not only did we have the opportunity to create a brochure design for the John Street development, but we are also the team behind the brand. We designed a sophisticated and modern brand mark with the J and S letters. As designers, we also understand the importance of adding personal elements to our client projects. For John Street, we used a freehand illustration of the building’s exterior, adding to the brands diverse imagery. A key brand element is the vibrant yellow circle, representing the central Cardiff location and also a spotlight, ensuring businesses are at the centre of it all.

Brochure Design Agency Cardiff
Brochure Design Agency Cardiff

A bright future for John Street

As one of our trusted printers, we knew Spectrum would be up to the job of delivering this prestigious brochure. Our visit allowed us to not just see brochure on press, but also see the inner workings of print production. Being able to see our hard work come to life was a special and rewarding moment for us at MH.

With John Street being such a significant addition to Cardiff’s business sector, it was important to make sure the marketing material was effective and exciting. Our branding was carried through to hoarding designs, targeted social media advertising and additional promotional signage in the on-site company office. At Martin Hopkins, we are beyond proud to have played such a vital role in the future of this exciting industry. We have no doubt that the John Street development will be a success as this area continues to grow.

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