Branding design can be beautiful and effective when it utilises great type design. Professional branded marketing materials would be nothing without the right typefaces to make them sing and help them stand out in the market.

Typography in brand design

The world of typography is vast and beautiful, sometimes a little bit awful if you’re looking in the wrong place. But bespoke type can really sing for your brand if done by a professional team of type or graphic designers. Brands that can communicate their character and persona simply through type are some of the most admired. The brand type for Lush is a perfect example of this. You may have read our previous blog article about the Dalton Maag talk that Kath and Sarah attended a few months ago. Dalton Maag were responsible for the Lush brand fonts, and their success in the market.

The right type for brand design

Often overlooked, type can be vital for brand communications. Whether it be internal signage, branded communications or packaging design; all need careful considerations during the design process to ensure correct placement and visibility in the market. Professional brand designers are skilled in their delivery of branded marketing material, and take careful considerations for typography and how it fits in with branded communications. The last thing you might want is a design for signage that is completely unreadable from a distance. After all, you need your branded signage to make an impact, not blend in with the background.

Also important to consider in type for brand designs, is the scalability of the characters on mobile or tablet devices. Typefaces or custom type needs to be specifically modified for digital use, to make sure that it is easily legible and pixel perfect. Lack of preparation for this brand portal will result in typography that is out of line and unkempt, which could in turn make your brand look less professional.

Branded marketing material

Branded internal and external communications will require different type sizes, weights and families for different uses. For example, you would not use size 8pt type for a heading title. Brand communications need to be easy to read and follow, meaning that the typography should lead your eye to where it needs to go and be easy to read. Hence why you have headings, sub headings and body copy. Each one will follow the other, as that is how the content will make sense. So if your body copy is larger or bolder than your subheading, users will read the wrong part at the wrong time and this will cause confusion in your marketing materials. Type has the power to communicate messages clearly and efficiently if used correctly. Graphic designers are versed in the use of typography and where it is appropriate, which is why it is so important to hire a professional design agency when creating branded marketing materials for your brand.

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