The second part of our quotation blog series, we talk about what goes into a digital quote for website design and development…

Website design and development quotations

As a web design agency, quoting on a digital project such as a website design or development project includes many of the initial processes that a print quote would, but also differs a lot in content and execution. Web design and development holds a number of extra layers compared to a print quote. With digital work, there are a lot more hidden features that may not be as obvious as they are running in the background to keep everything running smoothly and increase traffic to your website.

Web design and layout

We would start the base cost as we have explained in the previous blog; by allocating hours for the initial design and layout. Time and consideration also must be used to ensure the user experience is the best it can be. This is why we breakdown the site map for the website and plan out the best way to set out all of the relevant information the company will need to show. If you have an existing online presence, we will analyse this to see if we feel the navigation could be improved, and if you can find all of the information you need easily and quickly. We always make sure the user journey through a website is a smooth as possible, and that the design encourages page click-throughs to ensure users view all of the necessary content. Call to actions are used to direct your audience to do a certain action such as contact you or fill out an online form. Every item is carefully considered to increase conversion rates and get more interest in your company.

Domain names and hosting

It may seem obvious, but often forgotten is the site domain name and hosting. It is important to choose a relevant URL and host your website on a secure, reliable server. At Martin Hopkins, we work closely with Rackspace to provide the highest quality, dedicated web hosting. Hosting costs and domain costs will be considered for any web development project. If you have an existing site, you will be aware of these costs and what they are for. Should you be creating a new website from scratch, a web name will need to be purchased on an annual basis, i.e. www.martinhopkins.co.uk. From there, you will then need to purchase hosting either on a monthly or annual basis to host your site online. Should you choose us, we will work based off of your requirements to generate any costs associated with this. If you want to handle the domain and hosting yourself, that’s no problem and we will work with you to manage the upload of the website. Should you want us to handle the technical stuff, we have dedicated web developers and digital managers to handle the purchasing of domain names and hosting from our partners at Rackspace to give you the highest security for your site.

Web development

Our dedicated team of web developers work with determination to build you a bespoke, functional and responsive site based off of our initial designs. Once you have approved your design, our team will get to work coding each part to create a fluid web design for your company. This development time will be costed in each quote, depending on the complexity of the site and any featured elements required. If there is any integration needed, such as property feeds or payment gateways, we will add this into the quote. Each of our quotes for development vary greatly depending on the requirements of the brief. This means you only pay for what you require and can add and remove elements when and if required. This is due to the fact everything we build at Martin Hopkins is bespoke and developed in house. During the development stage, you will be given access to the test site and able to provide feedback in real time as it is being developed. Time for small amends to the web design, content and functionality will be considered and injected into any quote. Any extra additions to the site will be costed for as and when required.

CMS integration and client training

As we have our own bespoke developed content management system, we will integrate this with your site to allow you to control each of the elements needed. With this control, you can amend things as and when needed very easily and without the worry of accidentally changing any of the key elements of the framework. We will give you access to all of the relevant features needed. Once this has all been completed and we are ready to hand the website over to you, we will invite you into the design studio for specialised training on our system and how it works. This will give you the control to login and make changes easily and, instantly have them reflected live on the website.

Online content

Considerations must be made for copywriting and content… is the text content provided or will we need to create this? Are the images supplied or will we have to source relevant imagery to be used? Will we have to scrape the existing content down from their current website? Again, this will be costed on an hourly basis against our hourly rate to provide an accurate price. Also to be considered is whether we will be uploading the content or will the client. With our new drag and drop content management system, its never been easier for our clients to complete this content upload themselves. However, many clients prefer our designers to upload content as they have a visual eye and can lay the content out professionally. If we were to complete this content upload, we would then need to work out the time this may take, along with time taken on where and how we will receive the content.

Our quality check procedure

Checks must also be performed before launch to ensure that our process is fool-proof. Actions are taken to ensure that changeover from an old site to a new one are smooth and without issue. Any old sites are completely backed up and ready to be reinstalled should they be required (if already hosted with us). Old pages are 301 redirected to the new pages so that if someone clicks an older link, it still takes them to the new site and not a 404 error page. A new XML site map is created and submitted to Google and other similar search engines. We will also update all of the google and social tracking codes so that we can track the progress of the site and keep an eye on traffic patterns and statistics. All internal links are checked and forms are tested one last time to ensure everything is working as it should be. We also check for google speed and mobile usability, along with a stress test to ensure that the website can handle the traffic that it will have coming its way. We will install SSL certificates and ensure all security patches and plugins are up to date. All of these things are in place to keep things running very smoothly and ensure that your website launch goes as you need it to. As with most things, these elements do take time and will be considered into any web development quote based on our hourly rate.

Going live

Once the website had been designed and developed, and all of the content has been uploaded, the site will be ready to go live. Following our checks, we will upload your new site to our web hosting server and begin the process of switching it to live. The upload management and time will also be considered in any quote.

Monthly support and monitoring

We pride ourselves on our service, and as such are always at the end of the phone should you have any problems or queries. We cover this under a very small monthly support cost, that means you are supported 24/7 365 days of the year. For any required support we have a traffic light system that allows us to target and resolve urgent issues within one hour.

Ongoing SEO (search engine optimisation) work

Being found on Google is a very important in the modern day. If someone is to google a service you offer in your area, you want to be found on the first page of the search results to get traffic flowing through your site and increase your business. We work our SEO on a monthly basis, as it changes so frequently and is important to keep on top of this month by month to keep your website high in Google search results. Should you request figures for SEO, we will add this into our quotation so you can see the costs relating to this monthly. As a digital agency, we would always recommend that websites utilise SEO services to get their websites displaying above their competitors. With this SEO we can really improve on bounce rates, conversion rates and web traffic. As this is being constantly reviewed, you can also see the impact any online marketing has on your website traffic such as social media campaigns have on your website traffic.

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