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What is monthly retainer marketing? Explaining costs and benefits

09th Sep 2020

Retainer marketing

/rɪˈteɪnə ˈmɑːkɪtɪŋ/
a long-term agreement between a business and a full-service marketing agency that reserves a set amount of the agency’s time for a recurring fee.

Pricing model and service structure of retainer marketing

While every marketing agency has a different set of rules, the general approach simply allows the client to select a set of services that will be delivered each month.

Our approach at Martin Hopkins often involves a lengthy but thorough meeting, allowing us to understand exactly what your business needs, your main concerns, strengths and where we can step in with our expertise. We will then suggest ways in which we can help you improve — this will then allow you decide what you want to focus on and how much you are comfortable to spend each month.

Shouting through the rooftops about our retainer marketing clients success

retainer marketing
Retainer marketing
Retainer marketing

Benefits of retainer marketing packages

1. Customised to your needs

There is no fool-proof marketing recipe. A team of professional designers will help you devise an impactful strategy and that plays to your strengths. What’s more, you have the final say in the monthly set cost and deliverables.

2. Long-term means building a relationship

Working with different people and having to explain your company’s ethos each time can be exhausting. The retainer marketing structure allows us, your marketing agency to get to know you and your business better – resulting in creative marketing strategies that still feel like you. As months go by, don’t be surprised if you start thinking of us as part of your own team.

retainer marketing
retainer marketing

Print and digital marketing materials for Seel & Co

3. Data-informed strategies each month

Retainer marketing packages often include monthly or quarterly reports and analytics. This allows you and your marketing agency to learn and improve each month — ensuring that your budget is spent wisely every time. With real information and impactful outputs that deliver real results.

4. You get an entire agency for the cost of a single full-time employee (or less!)

You get consistent quality outcome, no sick days, no holidays. What’s more, your marketing team is always on hand to help with anything you will need. A multi-disciplined team with different skill sets that can produce everything from amazing animations to jaw dropping website and social media content.

5. Predictable monthly media spend

Marketing retainer packages are very much like a direct debit. You have a set figure each month, not a penny more. And you get exactly what you are paying for.

6. Flexible and intentional budget spend

If your marketing needs vary from month to month, such as wanting to push a Christmas social media campaign in December, but would rather tweak your website content in January – the marketing retainer structure is perfect for you.

retainer marketing

Retainer marketing checklist – is it the right thing for you

Marketing retainer packages are not right for every business. We’ve prepared a checklist that can help you determine whether or not the retainer structure will benefit your company and help you reach your marketing goals.

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