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Why YOU Should Update Your Google Business Profile

10th May 2022

Before we get into the details of why you should update your Google Business Profile (and how!), we want you to picture something.

How many times has this happened to you?

You’re away, maybe somewhere lovely and sunny on holiday (lucky you!). You’re Googling where the best places are to eat, and you find the perfect place, but when you arrive, it’s closed, despite claiming to be open on Google. It’s frustrating, and you’re unlikely to revisit the restaurant after this, despite the glowing reviews and lovely photos.

We don’t want this to happen to you, and with Google being the world’s most visited website, it’s important to have (and keep updated!) a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google my Business). It’s one of the first questions we ask our new clients, and for good reason. It’s an important way to attract new customers to your business, it boosts where you show up in the search rankings and in Google Maps.

Our top tips for your Google Business Profile:

  • Keep your information up-to-date.
  • Reply to customer reviews.
  • Verify your location.
  • Share photos regularly.
  • Add special features or attributes.
  • Add your products if you’re an e-commerce shop.

Let’s dive into the detail below 👇

Diving Gif from Ashleigh Green
Image Credit: Ashleigh Green via Dribbble

Keep Your Information Up-To-Date

Even if you’re just closed for a holiday, make sure you keep your business hours up to date. The same applies if your contact information changes, or you relocate – it would be very confusing for a customer to turn up expecting to find your business and finding a takeaway pizza restaurant instead!

You can also create posts on Google My Business to share regular updates, posts, company news or events.

Reply to Customer Reviews (and don’t be scared if you get a bad one!)

Whilst we’d all rather get nothing but glorious, positive feedback all the time, unfortunately we can’t please everyone, so the occasional bad review is part of life. But don’t fret and think a handful of less-than-glowing reviews is the end of your business, it’s how you handle it that’s important. According to a survey done by Google and Ipsos Connect, businesses that respond to both positive and negative reviews are seen as 1.7 times more trustworthy than those that don’t.

If you’re still not sold, let me explain it to you like in millennial terms.

Kombucha Girl showing the importance of sample sizes
Image Credit: Know Your Meme

Verify Your Location

According to Google, if you verify your business you’re “more likely to show in local search results across Google products, like Maps and Search.” Businesses with a physical location will need to get a postcard from Google to verify your location. If you’re an online only company, you can be verified through email. If you missed this step whilst setting up (or frankly, didn’t think it was that important– no judgement, we get it!) you can request your verification postcard here.

Image Credit: Google

Share Photos Regularly

Businesses that share photos regularly are more likely to see an increase of traffic to their website according to Google. It also goes hand in hand with maintaining an active presence on Google Business, which will increase how high up you rank on the search listings. Businesses who keep their details up to date and regularly share photos and posts are going to be favoured over those who ‘set-it-up-and-forget-about-it’.

Add Special Features and Attributes

Depending on what kind of business you are, you’ll have certain special features available.

If you’re a hotel, you’d be able to display class ratings, sustainability practices, highlights, check in and out times and amenities. Restaurants and bars can upload menus, dish photos and popular dishes.

Want to add these features but can’t see them? You might have chosen the wrong category, but not to worry, you can choose up to TEN categories for your business.

Do you have any factual attributes about your business you want to shout about? Perhaps you want to share that you’re wheelchair accessible, or that you’re women-owned, or you offer free WiFi (none of this ‘talk to each other like it’s 1997’ nonsense for you!). You can add all of these and more as attributes.

Shout about being a woman-owned business, LGBT+ friendly or more attributes!
Image Credit: US Chamber of Commerce

Add Your Products

If you have an e-commerce side to your business, be sure to add an up-to-date inventory to your Google Business Profile. As well as appearing on your own listing, your products will also appear in Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Results for ‘Funky Socks’
Image Credit: WooCommerce

And believe it or not, you’re done! Remember, your Google Business Profile is something that will need consistent updates and attention, it’s not just something you can pat yourself on the back for once you’ve set it up and then completely forget.

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