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Brand design refresh for Data Unit Wales

Brand redesign for Data Unit Wales. A new logo and brand strategy for Data Unit Wales, including the simplifying of their name to something that can be identified bilingually - 'Data Cymru'.

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Brand design

Data Unit Wales came to us looking for a rebrand of their current logo. Following a detailed branding meeting, Martin Hopkins Design began working on a detailed re-haul of the branding and brand strategy for Data Unit Wales (full name Government Data Unit Wales). During this time we worked hard to simplify the brand and ensure that it was bilingual and modern. This started with simplifying the name to 'Data Cymru', which reads in both languages as Data Wales. The importance of bilingual design played a big role in our brand strategy meetings, and was one of the most important elements to the simplified naming and rebrand. Not only that, but it allowed Data Cymru to purchase a Welsh domain name 'www.data.cymru'.  

brand design cardiff bilingual
brand design cardiff stationary

Creative brand strategy that speaks volumes

We wanted to make sure that we designed a clear and simple brand for Data Cymru. This began with a bold colour scheme and clean cut typography. Our designers came together to sketch out initial design ideas, along with a new slogan 'Insight beyond the numbers'. The vibrant blue hints at technology and mathematics, with a grey colour to add sophistication and professionalism. With a lot of marketing being online, we wanted to ensure that they stood out in the market as a modern, forward thinking company with the use of a distinguishable blue. The logo mark itself is simple and dynamic, combining elements of the 'D' and 'C' to create a bold icon mark for use throughout social media and online marketing. Crafted to represent the flow of data, the mark speaks for the company with no words needed. This has been injected throughout other marketing materials to become a recognisable statement that makes them instantly identifiable in the market. The new brand design commands a presence on the market and showcases Data Cymru as a longstanding and reliable company. All of this was vital with a long client list and much of their work being done in the government sector. 

brand design cardiff
brand design cardiff
rebrand design cardiff Data Cymru
brand design cardiff Data Cymru

Developing a new brand image

This rebrand showcases Data Cymru in the market with its bold colour scheme, open and rounded type and simplistic mark. Their company branding now represents their improved ethos and gives them a better presence amongst their competitors and clients. They can now utilise a recognisable brand with a creative brand strategy that will grow their business further. 

brand design cardiff
brand design cardiff logo

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