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Branding logo and website design for Jenkins Best commercial agents

A personable and professional service for property owners and occupiers, the company required a new branding logo. We undertook this, as well as signage, website design & build and all marketing material...

Branding logo brief

New company, new brand. Henry Best approached the team at Martin Hopkins looking for a corporate branding logo identity to really make an impression amongst his competitors. He required something that would make its mark in the world of commercial property agents whilst maintaining an accomplished and trustworthy impression upon potential clients. What followed from the meeting was the design of his branding design, including new logo brand, signage, website design & build and all subsequent marketing material.

website design cardiff
brand design cardiff

Branding logo solution

For the branding logo we used a rounded sans serif font that was clean, had a certain style but was also a little friendlier than a traditional sans serif. Used in conjunction with a really smart petrol blue and a deep yellow for added spice and the result was a brand that is both personable and professional. Clarity was needed as the nature of the business is very busy visually and the need to understand the information, from a prospective client’s point of view, was very strong. We implemented a simple hierarchy within layouts for ease of reference and to highlight the fundamentals and used plenty of white space which helps to keep the overall brand from feeling too heavy or cumbersome.

brand design cardiff
Website Design cardiff

Branding and website results

Jenkins Best has quickly established itself as one of the leading commercial marketers with a string of awards for industrial deals and the business continues to go from strength to strength. A solid base from which to build on, the branding logo is easily recognisable and has a high prominence in the commercial property market. Not only that but their website design showcases the commercial properties they have on offer.

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What the client said about our branding logo design

"We would whole heartedly recommend the creative and professional services of Martin Hopkins. Unrivalled for attention to detail, and for their personal and friendly approach. All their work has been to the highest standard and has helped to promote our Company in the best possible light."

Henry Best
Managing Director - Jenkins Best

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