Public Health Network Cymru

A refreshed website experience, developed to help improve the health and wellbeing of Wales.

Public Health Network Cymru is a Public Health Wales organisation that provides quality health related resources to its members. This extensive database includes a wide variety of resources types, from podcasts and pdf resources to videos and events.

What we did

Digital Brand
Brand Alignment
Web Design


Members data migrated


Resources migrated

Over 70

Integrated topics + categories

A digital bilingual brand

During the development of their new web design, PHNC came to us for help with their branding. The old brand felt dated and the fonts and colours had not been chosen with accessibilty in mind. We gave their brand a new lease of life by injecting new vibrant colourways and modern and accesible fonts. The brand now works in a digital world and holds more weight within their sector. 

PHNC Brand Refresh Bilingual Logo

Accessible web design

Accessibility was a huge objective to meet when designing for Public Health Network Cymru. We picked some of our favourite fonts that work equally well in English and Welsh (see our favourite Welsh typefaces) to create a unique combination that marries accessibility and trustworthiness. Stolzl gives the new website a completely modern feel, whilst Georgia allows for ease of reading in larger bodies of text. That, together with new contrasting colours, made way for a much more accessible website and user experience. We used Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WGAG) to ensure contrast was always high enough for ease of use.

Bilingual website switch

Being a Public Health Wales organisation, it was paramount that the new website used a Welsh language switch to make all content easily accessed in Welsh. The whole back end system was developed with this in mind, ensuring all English content uploaded had a Welsh counterpart. Throughout the Beta Testing stages we worked with their Welsh Language Officer to get the content spot on to meet Welsh Language Standards. 

Refreshed user experience

The whole user experience for PHNC was carefully wireframed, designed and technically specified before development even started. Several concept meetings with the team at PHNC allowed us to ensure their new website worked exactly how they wanted and more. During workshoping and prototyping stages, we helped them to realise some well needed features, as well as additional ideas and technical features that would really streamline their Content Management System.

Pinning, featured, top picks and latest are all tools that the client now has at their disposal to bring content to users attention. 

Public Health Network Bilingual English Welsh Web Design

Clear navigation + resource tagging

A clear and concise navigation means each resource is easy to access. Prior to the rebuild, their old website had a lot of what we call ‘buried content’, meaning users would struggle to find the information they were looking for.

An extensive tagging and categorising system allows easy implementation of new content for the client via the CMS. The navigation also incorporates a much improved user experience using tools like ajax search, filter tools and a easy to use A-Z page for quick finding topic areas. The whole website design was developed to maximise ease of use and ensure no content was left undiscoverable.

A-Z Webpage Design
Resource Website Design

Membership login area

Public Health Network have over 2,200 members who access their own user accounts and resources. We reinvigorated the account section to allow users to see their booked events, saved items, personal details and also allow them to contribute to the network. From here they can also amend their interests to make PHNC’s marketing more targeted for specific user groups and niches of the healthcare sector.

Membership Login Area Website Design

Easy to use Content Management System

A large reason why the old website was not working for them was because a lot of the daily processes to manage content and add resources were tedious. The new website holds simple easily managed modules for each part of the website. From there, creating Welsh versions of content is a breeze and all content without Welsh translation is easily visible, so the client no longer has to worry about anything being missed for Welsh Language Standards.

  • RTopics Module
  • RResource Module
  • RNews Module
  • REvents Module
  • RPodcast Module
  • RE-Bulletin Module
  • RVideo Module
  • RBilingual Content Management

Working together

Redesigning and building a brand new website in a brand new framework is no easy feat. PHNC’s old website was built in a much older platform with Concrete5. The old databases provided many challenges to the client, which we worked with them to resolve and implement the legacy data across to the new framework and modules.

We set up regular meetings with them to ensure we were building a new website that worked for them instead of against them. Together we built a brand new website that will serve them for the long term and we continue to work together to support their ongoing development.


“I have worked with Martin Hopkins for the last 8 months and they have been understanding of our needs for a bilingual website within the public sector. They have been professional and responsive throughout the development of the site and their team have worked exceptionally hard to deliver the product that meets our requirements. They provide good value compared to some of the competition and the ‘customer’ is put at the centre of their business.”

Christian Heathcote-Elliott
Principal Public Health Practitioner
Public Health Wales

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