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3D Visual Marketing came to us for both their new brand design and their website design. They wanted an identity that showcased their services in providing 3D marketing tools for estate agents and commercial agents. As such we set out to create a brand design that speaks volumes for a new business idea.

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A new perspective

We knew that this brand had to be simple and clear cut. This began with simplifying the name to ‘3D Visual’ to keep it short and and to the point; the way a futuristic brand should be. Our brand design showcases the futuristic nature of 3D virtual reality property viewings and 360 tours. With this in mind we created a logo that showcased the shift between 2D and 3D, with a bold colour scheme to demonstrate their modern forward thinking. These principles were then injected throughout their brand guidelines to create a truly futuristic brand that could be carried across their marketing materials.

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Modern edge website

Once we had created a bold and modern brand design, we then got to work on site mapping their website design. The website design had to impress visitors with their 3D virtual tour and virtual reality services, clearly explain these services and encourage people to get in contact.

With their impactful brand colours, we were eager to get to work on a new modern website design. The development of icon illustrations was used to clearly label each service and give a visual queue for people to read more about their services. The website design showcases the futuristic 3D virtual tours and 360 photography. With this in mind we created videos of their scanned properties to immediately impress visitors. Short and simple headings were used to coincide with their branding and marketing materials.

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Forward thinking

The outcome was a strong brand and website design that utilises a futuristic logo and bold colour scheme to enhance brand image and increase the company’s presence in a new and exciting market. We feel the website design holds a presence in a new and exciting property market. Their brand is recognisable and the website is built to increase awareness and boost company growth for a new business idea.

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