Brand Design for Biplas

Moulding the future.

Biplas Medical is an innovative design, development and manufacturing company working in demanding and specialised fields of industry. They specialise in in technical injection moulding, component design, mould design and precision machining of plastic to close tolerances.

Biplas came to us looking for a fresh look of their brand and website design. They felt that their old branding did not suit their up to date technology and extensive knowledge on plastic.

  • Brand design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Icon design
  • Business card design
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • SEO optimisation
  • biplas.com
Biplas Brand Design
Brand Design Cardiff
Brand Design
Logo Design

Brand design

To get things going, we had to start with logo design, of course. The logomark, a simplified piece of plastic, bent to look like a ‘B’, corresponds to their tag line—‘moulding the future’. It is complimented by a unique round type, which completes the logo. This has been injected throughout their physical and digital representation, making it a recognisable symbol that stands out in the market.

Brand Design Cardiff
Stationary Design
Brand Design Cardiff

A vibrant website design

This modern and energetic design showcases Biplas in the best light, allowing them to branch out to new companies and work with them on their next product. Demonstrating their experience and ethos was key, with the vibrant orange being brought through along with the curves of their brand design and moulded shape to look like molten plastic.

Website Design Cardiff
Website Design Cardiff
Icon Design
Icon Design
Icon Design

Cohesive branding

To keep everything on the Biplas website cohesive, we designed and developed icons to suit their industry, avoiding generic infographics. This gives the website a unique and bespoke feel, and shows Biplas as the professionals they are. Each icon design was developed by our graphic designers and placed appropriately throughout the website.

Our website designers utilised a consistent theme running through their website design, social media and marketing material giving a vibrant look and better user journey throughout the website. The focus being on a higher conversion rate and a lower bounce rate. As a result, retaining customers for longer and ultimately more enquiries.

Brand Design Cardiff
Website Design Cardiff
Website Design Cardiff

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