Brochure Design London for GL Hearn

Professional brochure design.

One of the country’s top property consultancies, they asked us to produce a corporate brochure that would showcase their high profile projects to the best advantage. The resulting 16-page brochure design was a resounding success. Professionally laid out by our  team of graphic designers with a keen eye for brochure layout. 

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Brochure Design London
Brochure Design London
Brochure Design London
Brochure Design London

Creative design layout

GL Hearn instructed us to create a 16 page brochure design showcasing some of the major projects undertaken by GL Hearn. It was vital to ensure this showed their level of professionalism. Their corporate brand guidelines were to be followed for this brochure design to ensure it was on brand.

Brochure Design London

Branded brochure

The client had some really good CGI material to showcase which allowed us to highlight these in large format throughout the brochure. Type style and colour palette were already established so it was important to lay out the content in a structured format that showcased the projects to their advantage. The resulting brochure was one that they could proudly present to potential clients to represent their company in the best light.

Brochure Design London

Strong, corporate brochure design

This strong brochure design fits in with GL Hearn’s branding theme and other corporate publications and marketing materials, all enhancing and reinforcing the company’s presence in the property sector.

Pleasure to work with

“We have used Martin Hopkins for many of our marketing projects and their work is excellent. They design our business cards, product brochures and our main catalogue. They help us to turn around design work quickly and we appreciate their professionalism and prompt responses.
The team at Martin Hopkins are very approachable and a pleasure to work with.”

Jonathan Glaister
Development Director at GL Hearn, London

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