Tabitha Eve Eco Brand Design

Making the Earth a better
place through zero waste.

Tabitha Eve are striving to make a difference and are passionate about preserving our environment and reducing our impact. Their aim is to do their bit to reduce landfill waste and make reusable products for everyone. Now, at the next stage of their journey, they felt they needed a stronger brand presence that reflects their values. After being approached by this forward thinking brand, we worked to design an elegant identity as well as beautiful eco packaging. It just goes to show you don’t need to compromise luxury to reduce your landfill footprint!

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.” #bethemosquito

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Icon Design
Eco Packaging Design Cardiff
Eco Packaging Design Cardiff

Less is more

Our research showed that other sustainable brands lack diverse brand and packaging designs. It then became important to create a unique identity for this small Cardiff company to increase recognition in the eco retail industry. To create a sustainable design that didn’t cut corners, we had to be environmentally aware throughout our design process. In short, less is more!

Tabitha Eve Photography
Tabitha Eve Photography
Tabitha Eve Photography
Tabitha Eve Photography
Eco Packaging Design
Eco Packaging Design Cardiff

Carefully considered packaging design

From the beginning, we were aware that Tabitha Eve would need to practice what they preach. Their values and ethos were reflected in their new packaging design. Designed with care and thought, paper and inks were thoroughly researched before being chosen. We made the decision to use white paper with reduced ink after considering shelf presence next to other kraft paper packaging. We also wanted to ensure the product packaging was free from glue. Therefore, lots of hands-on experimenting and prototyping was involved to achieve a durable solution.

The outcome of all this hard work was an eco packaging design that is fully recyclable, ethically sourced and contains zero harmful chemicals.

Eco Packaging Design Cardiff
Packaging Design Cardiff
Eco Packaging Design Cardiff
Eco Packaging Design Cardiff
Eco Packaging Design Cardiff
Eco Packaging Design Cardiff

Featured by Emma Watson for Vogue and on GLAMOUR magazine

Not only has Tabitha Eve succeeded locally, but these beautiful products, with packaging designs to match, have found themselves in the hands of actress and activist Emma Watson.

Our brand and packaging designs for Tabitha Eve have also been featured on GLAMOUR Magazine’s The best reusable makeup pads to keep your skin (and the planet) clean.

We featured this exciting news in our design journal which you can read (and see) for yourself below!

Tabitha Eve VOGUE
Tabitha Eve Glamour Feature

Let’s talk results

New look, same mission

uniting luxury and sustainability in a beautiful way

Brand awareness

new stockists and business acquired

Packaging design loved by clients

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work on our rebrand and packaging designs. Everyone loves them, most of all me!”

Debbie Rees
Tabitha Eve

Eco Packaging Design Cardiff

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